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Second Edition - Revised and Updated

Second Edition to Katie’s best selling book, Soul Decrees! Now includes all new chapter on Grace, along with extensive scriptural references for all the decrees!

Religion & Spirituality
February 9
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Many elements can be utilised. Yet it’s a bit sin conscious . Says wounds and sin give the devil a legal right but in Christ it does not. Sin needs the law but Christ fulfilled and removed it and all legal rights. Devil is a liar and the father of lies so he will make you think he has a legal right. It’s his nature to act like he does. Katie’s teachings are lovely but a lesser glory than the actual ministry of Christ. Jesus took all legal penalty of sin so in Christ Satan has nothing but deception. Some things she got from Ian Clayton and not divinities scripture. But with the Holy Spirit walking you through you will discern what is not fully accurate. There is still glory in this and results but it’s fundamentals are not fully on what Christ has done now. Christ blood has also already made atonement fur the soul and faith in what Christ has done brings results. It would seem through the decreeing of the blood repetitively can make someone lose faith in the ministry of Jesus already applying the blood on you and so your decrees become “do it lord” as opposed to thank you for applying your blood and I stand in faith in your work and receive. Word declares if we walk in the light as He is in the light , we HAVE fellowship one with another AND the blood of Jesus Christ His Son CLEANSES (active present) is from all sin. It’s being done and we just actively receive it. Not try and do it.

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