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Imagine an America still somewhat naïve. It is 1965. Vietnam has not yet divided the country, Martin Luther King, Jr. has won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Civil Rights Act has passed. Still, Southern blacks are denied the right to vote, and citizens who believe in fairness know this racism must end. The eyes of the nation focus on Selma, Alabama, where the drama unfolds as the voting rights movement takes center stage.

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December 4
Dog Ear Publishing
Dog Ear Publishing

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CPettigrew ,

“Soul Of A Nation” - Lives That Matter

What P.E. Chute has done in this very fine novel is something no other film or historical document has been able to do nearly as well: Chronicle the world of the Lives That Matter. There is so much that is already known about the principal players in this turning point in our history, but what of the citizenry who withstood the abuse, fought against the injustices in their own dignified, and quieter way?

In "Soul Of A Nation," we come to know and love the people whom Dr. King and others were fighting for, and we cheer them on as they begin to fight for themselves, for their civil rights, for their basic freedoms. As a reader, we are privy to their world, their family lives, warts and all, the taste and aroma of their food, the smell of the humid, Southern air as the clouds of racial oppression envelope their existence.

This is a rich and rewarding work of a bygone era, and yet its relevance in today's world reverberates loudly, and with great insight. Thank you, P.E. Chute, for "Soul Of A Nation.”