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Welcome to Keating Hollow, the village full of love, magic, and cupcakes, and where nothing is more important than family.

At age eighteen, after a potion tragically backfired, Abby Townsend left Keating Hollow and her magic behind to find redemption. Ten years later, after being summoned by her family, she’s back. As soon as she drives into town, she’s already plotting her inevitable exit, but she can’t quite escape the pull of the tightly knit magical community or the soulful gaze of the one man she’s never forgotten. And when an eight-year old witch not only leads her back to her magic, but also steals her heart, Abby’s about to learn what it means to embrace the soul of a witch.

March 14
Bayou Moon Press, LLC
Deanna Chase

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

A magical tale

Soul of the Witch by Deanna Chase is the first installment in the Witches of Keating Hollow series. Abigail “Abby” Townsend is returning home to Keating Hollow after receiving news that her father, Lincoln has cancer. It has been ten years since Abby left after the death of her best friend, Charlotte. Abby has felt guilty since that day and has not created a potion since then. Abby arrives in town and is surprised when she sees Clay Garrison outside Townsend’s Keating Hollow Brewery which is owned by her father. She wishes to avoid him since Abby does not look her best but ends up in an accident which brings him over immediately (of course). The attraction between Clay and Abigail is palpable. Abby knows a relationship is not possible since she has no intention of staying in Keating Hollow. Clay has just gotten out of a bad marriage and has his eight-year-old daughter, Olive to consider. Lincoln is ill from the chemotherapy and none of the potions they have obtained are helping. Abby wants to alleviate his symptoms, but her magic is blocked. What will it take for Abby to have full use of her powers again? Clay has the fight of his life before him. His ex-wife has decided to seek custody of Olive, and Clay will need his wits about him if he to win this battle to keep Olive safe. Can Abby overcome the past, so she can have a bright future? Come along to Keating Hollow to find out what happens with Clay, Abby and Olive in this magical tale.

Soul of the Witch is the story of witches, family, friendship, magic, guilt, tragedy, lost love, forgiveness and so much more. The Townsend family has four girls: Faith, Noel, Yvette and Abby who were raised by their father, Lincoln. Soul of the Witch focuses on Abby. The point-of-view alternates between Abby and Clay. I like that we get to see things from each character’s perspective. Soul of the Witch is well written and has a steady pace. The story contains great characters with my favorites being Daisy and Olive. Val is the villain of the story and she adds drama (one of those characters that you love to dislike). It allows readers to see what Clay will do to protect his daughter (we get to see his core beliefs). Abby is a complex character. She has been living in New Orleans where she earns a living creating soaps and lotions infused with a touch of magic as well as selling her art. Abby has a boyfriend who has become focused on himself (his career and how Abby can help him succeed). She needs to understand what exactly happened ten years ago which means talking to Charlotte’s mother. To move forward with her life, Abby needs to forgive herself. Keating Hollow is a small town where everyone knows your business. The descriptions of the delectable delights available at A Spoon Full of Magic will have your mouth watering and wishing you could transport yourself into the story. For those of you that enjoy alcoholic beverages, there are some creative brews available at Townsend’s Keating Hollow Brewery (I am amazed at the various flavors). My only negative comment is there is some predictability. Soul of the Witch is a charming paranormal romance novel. My rating for Soul of the Witch is 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it). There is a scene near the end that will just melt your heart (one of those “ahhhh” moments). It is a heartwarming, magical story that will delight fans of Denna Chase. Heart of the Witch is the next book in Witches of Keating Hollow series.

Laura-01 ,

Great start!

New to me author. The cover intrigued me and glad I gave it a try. I found myself loving several of the characters except for the evil mother.
Abby finds herself returning back home after 10 years and she’s a bit of a nervous wreck when she sees her ex.
I loved reading how the small town Abby grew up in, the community are all witches!! That was fun and unique to see how everyone works together to protect the community. Hoping that there will be more books for this series. Can’t wait to find out how Abby’s dad is doing too.
I listened to the audiobook and thought the narrator was okay. She did a well job portraying the characters and thought she did well portraying Abby as well.

math wizard ,

Return Home

This is an excellent well written story! It is not the type of book I usually read as it is more of a contemporary romance book with magic. I did throughly enjoyed the book and look forward to the next in the series!
Abby is going through some self doubt and changes but love and joy will bring back what she needs. She needs to face the past and come to terms with what happened. Her family and friends will help her and then she can move on. Read and enjoy!

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