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***Spin-off of the Crescent City Fae series***

From New York Times bestselling author, Deanna Chase, comes the first book in the Last Witch Standing series featuring the badass witch, Phoebe Kilsen.

Trouble is brewing in New Orleans. Shifters are moving in and vampires are being picked off in record numbers. And vampire hunter Phoebe Kilsen is right in the middle of the war.

When Phoebe’s best friend goes missing along with the consort of the most powerful vampire in New Orleans, Phoebe betrays her heart and her shifter partner by teaming up with the one vampire she’s never trusted. They say all is fair in love and war, but Phoebe is putting it all on the line and she’s not at all sure she’ll make it out alive. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 6
Bayou Moon Press, LLC
Deanna Chase

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

First novel in A Last Witch Standing series!

Soulless at Sunset by Deana Chase is the first book in A Last Witch Standing series. Phoebe Kilsen is a witch in New Orleans, Louisiana where she works for the Void catching rogue vampires and shifts who have broken the law. Her new work partner is Dax Marrok, a shifter. Lately shifters and vampires have been disappearing from the city which has caused tensions to rise among the two sects. At a ball to benefit a new supernatural hospital, Phoebe’s best friend, Willow and her husband are kidnapped. Then Pandora, Eadric Allcot’s consort and second most powerful vampire in the city, is also taken. Her friend is to be sacrifice, but Phoebe has no intention of letting that happen. She teams up with Allcot to locate and recover Pandora, Willow and Talisen. Dax is upset (and hurt) that Phoebe went with Allcot instead of him, but he can tell that something is brewing within the Crimson Valley Wolf Pack. Will Phoebe save her friend in time?

Soulless at Sunset is a fast-paced novel full of action, suspense, vampires, shifters, witches, magic, tension, and mayhem. I thought it was well-written and engaging. The plot is complex full of twists and turns. You just never know what will happen next (which I just love). Readers of the Crescent City Fae series will recognize Phoebe Kilsen. You do not, though, need to read that series before embarking on the books in A Last Witch Standing series. I appreciate that Phoebe is a strong, sexy and smart female character. Dax is a handsome (oh la la), powerful and intelligent male character who is intensely attracted to Phoebe. The chemistry between the two characters is palpable. I do want to forewarn readers that unlike Deanna Chase’s other novels, Soulless at Sunset does contain foul language (a lot of it) and intimate scenes. If you enjoy action packed paranormal novels, then you want to read Soulless at Sunset.

math wizard ,

Friends and Family

An excellent beginning to a new series! Phoebe and Willow and friends are off on an adventure of sorts. Pandora and Alcott are involved and not so very nice shifters and vampires. There is a mystery when some of Phoebe friends/ family go missing. Someone Phoebe loves will resurface but with a twist at the end leave some unanswered questions. Read this excellent story! I look forward to the next book in the series!

PenKayBooks ,

Best yet by this author!

I’ve been reading Ms. Chase for a while, and while I haven’t read everything she’s written, I’ve loved everything I’ve read that she’s written. Well, this book just blew those out of the water. Not only was it well-written, I loved the complexity of the plot, the great characters, the chemistry between the characters (especially Dax and Phoebe), and the action. I literally read this book in one setting as I couldn’t wait to find out what has going to happen next. For some reason, I found the more serious tone of the book captivating. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love her lighter books, because I most definitely do, but this one just seemed to hit all my urban fantasy buttons. If you are a fan of Ms. Chase’s and love urban fantasy, pick this one up; you’ll love it! Highly recommend! I was provided the e-book which I reviewed voluntarily.

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