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The recent uncertainties over the South China Sea have become one major issue in the relations between China and Southeast Asian countries. The South China Sea issue, however, is countered by the deepening economic integration between China and Southeast Asia, which is likely to continue should China's proposal for a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road is agreed and implemented. Yet the success or not of this proposal depends also on the interactions in the political-security sphere between both sides.

Southeast Asia and China: A Contest in Mutual Socialization brings together experts from different disciplines to illuminate on the complex political, economic and normative interactions between China and the Southeast Asian countries. This book analyses key issues including the national identity discourse of China as a Great Power, China's civil-military interactions in its strategy in the South China Sea dispute, the different kinds of political and strategic strategies used by Southeast Asian countries in countering China, the past patterns and present trajectories of economic ties between China and Southeast Asian countries, as well as the strategic implications of China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative.
Contents:Introduction (Lowell Dittmer)Politics:China's Great Power National Identity and Its Impact on China–Southeast Asia Relations (Ngeow Chow Bing)Managing the South China Sea Dilemma: China's Strategy and Policy (You Ji)Independence and Friendship: Shared Histories in the China–Philippines Sea Crisis (Reynaldo C Ileto)ASEAN and Vietnam's Security (Alexander L Vuving)Malaysia's Hedging Strategy, a Rising China, and the Changing Strategic Situation in East Asia (Ayame Suzuki and Lee Poh Ping)Indonesia and China: The Bumpy Path to a Wary Partnership (Donald E Weatherbee)Economics:China–ASEAN Economic Relations (Sarah Y Tong and Wen Xin Lim)The Future of ASEAN–China Trade Relations (Kee-Cheok Cheong, Siew-Yong Yew and Chen-Chen Yong)"One Belt One Road" and China–Southeast Asia Relations (Zhao Hong)Norms:"Sovereignty" and Normative Integration in the South China Sea: Some Malaysian and Malay Perspectives (Anthony Milner)The Institutional Foundations and Features of China–ASEAN Connectivity (Cheng-Chwee Kuik, Li Ran and Sien Ngan Ling)
Readership: Academics, policymakers, professionals, and undergraduate and graduate students interested in relations between China and Southeast Asian countries.
China;ASEAN;South China Sea;ASEAN-China Free Trade Area;SovereigntyKey Features:Multidisciplinary approach adopted to analyse the relations between China and Southeast AsiaLatest observations on the recent developments in South China Sea and China's Maritime Silk RoadExpertise in political science, international relations, economics and history from prominent scholars

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