Southern Nights and Secrets

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Being a doctor is everything to me, but I’m not going to let bureaucrats tell me how to practice medicine. It’s about saving lives no matter what, screw them and their paperwork.

When the one woman I could never forget, Ginger Crawford, shows up as my boss all bets are off. The heat between us is tough to ignore but I have to if I want a future at this hospital. It isn’t easy. Every time we argue, I want her even more.

But I’ve got secrets she can never know, and she’s always going to be way too good for me. So it’s best if she hates me…at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

September 19
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Arianne Cruz ,

Now THAT is how you start a book!

I love, love, love this book! From the very beginning, it was action-packed, and frankly, that was how you properly start a story. Well done, Ms. Covington!

"These are people. Patients. Not outcomes."

Dr. Beckett Sutherland... Gee, where to start? Oh, let's start with the cover. One thing I noticed was the model's lips. How appropriate were those lips to represent Dr. Sutherland? So sexy. Anyway, Beck was a complicated character, but he had the biggest heart. It might not have been obvious, however, because he chose to hide his true self. He didn't think his actions were enough to atone for his mistakes when he hadn't a choice as a kid.

Virginia, aka Ginger, was a force to be reckoned with. Being the daughter of a NAVY Seal, she learned many skills including the ability to shut off her emotions most of the time. To be honest, I found that very admirable. Her character was fiery when she wasn't hiding behind a mask. She was a firecracker when Beck was able to push her boundaries. Their chemistry was explosive!

Who could resists Beck's charms? He had the ability to even charm some men, but I bet that had something to do with his pure heart rather than him actually trying. I'd say he was probably one of my favorite book boyfriends this year.

"The serpent in the Garden of Good and Evil had nothing on Beckett."

The cameos of the other boys from this series made me want to read the previous books. Where had I been living? A rock?! I totally missed out!

THPayne ,

Beck - Bad Boy/Good Heart

In this great conclusion to the Boys are Back In Town series, we get Beck's long awaited story! Robin Covington does not disappoint with her story the "baddest" of the boys. Beck is his ever lovable self, but we delve deeper into what has made Beck into the man he is. His hard life with a criminal and abusive father gave Beck the push to do good. And he does! Virgina (Ginger) Crawford pops back into his life, unexpectedly. Ginger is the one who got away, or more accurately, the one Beck threw away. The classic "she's too good for me" mentality messed up a future with Ginger. you will be hoping that she finds just how good of guy Beck is, and that there could be some redemption fo rthe screwed up father/son relationship that comes back to haunt Beck. Great story The author stays true to the Beck we have fallen in love with throughout this series.

Eileen A-W ,

Hot, Sexy, Dr. Beck

Southern Nights and Secrets by Robin Covington is the fourth book in her The Boys Are Back in Town series. This is Beck’s story, Beckett Sutherland. Being a doctor is what keeps Beck going. He’s determined to save lives no matter what anyone else thinks. He is also determined to help better the kids in Elliot and show them that there is a successful future for them. His project DRAGON, is wonderful, as is its meaning.

Virginia, Ginger, Crawford is the one woman Beck could never forget. They met back when Beck was in med school and Ginger was in law school. They had a short but explosive relationship. Imagine both of their surprise when her new job is being his boss at the hospital in Elliot. Beck believes that all of his secrets cannot be shared with her, that she should never see the true and real Beck. He also thinks she is way too good for him and decides to once again sabotage his relationship with Ginger despite her being the best thing that could ever happen to him. Regrettably, Beck’s secrets do appear which will haunt him throughout this story.

I highly recommend this book to all readers as I truly enjoyed this book and had trouble putting it down. Covington was able to keep this reader fascinated with wanting to see if Beck could beat back his demons and find his happy ever after with Ginger. All of the characters were well written, authentic and complex.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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