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Invisible energies and forces in your environment have a significant impact on your health and well-being.For thousands of years, humans have known that it isn't just the things you can see that make a place healthy or not.

The Chinese perfected the art of feng shui to help create healthy flows of energy in living spaces, because they knew that stagnant or noxious energy can be harmful to health on all levels, from physical to financial. Native Americans dispelled spirits using smudge sticks, because they were aware that ghosts can have a detrimental effect on physical and mental well-being. But these methods by themselves are not adequate for dealing with modern noxious environmental energies.

"Space Clearing: Beyond Feng Shui" gives you a proven, modern perspective on environmental energies. You learn what detrimental energies are, how to sense them, how to clear them and how to avoid pitfalls during the process. In addition, a history of space clearing, a glossary of terms, frequently asked questions and an introduction to dowsing are included.

Nigel and Maggie Percy have drawn on their many years of working with clients around the world to provide you with a comprehensive, accurate and useful book on the subject of space clearing.Whether you are just dipping your toe in this important subject or desire to learn to clear space for yourself and others, "Space Clearing: Beyond Feng Shui" is the best foundation you can get in modern environmental energies and how to clear them.

Buy "Space Clearing: Beyond Feng Shui" now and discover how you can make sure you have healthy, harmonious space in which to live and work.

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December 22
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