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The First Date

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If you need to learn Spanish in order to navigate the situations of everyday life, you’ll love this book! 

Spanish with Monsters (SWIM) is a language learning program designed both for independent and classroom learners. Unlike any other language program on the market, this worktext is practical for learning everyday conversation skills and informative about meaningful language topics. SWIM uses a combination of learning strategies to keep the student focused on the goal of gaining proficiency through interaction.

Originally developed for adult learners living abroad, monsters were created to spark conversation and lighten the mood. Each lesson is designed to help students achieve a specific set of relevant objectives.

The book is divided into 17 sections, 1-2 weeks each, depending on the pace of the learner. 

SWIM Level One, “The First Date” focuses on first interactions, obtaining goods and services, and self-identity. You’ll get to know covergirl monster Blanca as she goes to the restaurant, negotiates for goods and services, greets others, asks for directions and tries online dating. In the culminating section Blanca meets her long-lost extended family, learns to express herself and explores personal and professional goals.

An ideal language guide for beginner to lower intermediate learners, this practical book emphasizes the development of language skills and pronunciation, while also offering extensive instruction in listening, reading, writing and grammar. If you’re looking for a review, or you need to master the basics, this is a great place to start. 

Teachers may wish to use SWIM as a main classroom text, or as a digital supplement.
The no-frills style explanations, self-checking practices, and in-app glossary make it ideal for 'sub' days.

Appropriate for ages 12 to adult, the monsters are silly, upbeat, and fun for all ages.

April 24
The Language Loft
Kelly McLarnan

Customer Reviews

Whisperingishard ,

Best Spanish Textbook Yet!

I’ve been a Spanish teacher for nearly 15 years and this is my favorite text book yet. It’s accessible, but gives complete explanations of important grammatical structures. It focuses on the most important and likely situations a second-language learner would find themselves in, making it practical. The quizzes and audio guide the way! Useful at any level of language learning.

Cuba leader ,

Where has this book been all my life?

I have been struggling for years with my, on again off again, Spanish lessons. Then three years ago I started to work in Cuba and returned to my lessons with a private tutor. Time to get serious. Then this book “Spanish with Monsters” comes out. I don’t care how old you are this book is FUN! Just like in the movie “ Mary Poppins” says “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”. This books makes learning loads of fun. Thank you so much Kelly for this brilliant book.

Maxheddie ,

Spanish With Monsters

Spanish with Monsters is the only Spanish learning book I actually enjoyed learning from. The others that I have used to learn Spanish were, well, too much like textbooks and I lost interest quickly. Spanish With Monsters kept me interested throughout, with its audio portions and the video interactions. The monsters made learning very enjoyable, which seems to me an easier way to learn anything. I grew up speaking Spanish but never learned grammar and verb conjugation. Now that I'm older, I really wanted to raise the level of my Spanish. Spanish With Monsters made all that fun and the way information is presented in the book, it wasn't as hard to learn and kept my interest. My confidence in speaking Spanish has increased tenfold.