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Mother Earth has long been suffering due to the decisions we have made as humans, and the manner we have chosen to live on the planet. She responds with natural disasters, climate change, drought, flooding and severe weather the way any organism might do to defensively purge itself of a threat. 

We see these drastic results grow each year. And still, we do not change our ways. 

It’s our children, the future citizens of the world, who will save us and restore the planet to its former health. They will do this with the extraordinary power of their minds. The power of positive thought has been scientifically proven to have an incredible impact when one special element is present… belief. 

The Little Earthlings “Sparklify The Earth” is a series of visual, healing techniques teaching children to positively impact their world based on their power of their positive thoughts and emotions; a unique, highly interactive eBook for children between 4-7 years of age featuring cast of multi-ethnic global citizens. 

“Sparklify The Earth” teaches children various expressions of natural health in a fun, colourful way: from the positive mind-set, the love of life and fellow Earthlings, and to cherish living things great and small. It stimulates the child’s imagination and teaches them how to use positive thought through creative visualisation. 

There are a total of 18 fun techniques that show children how to spread their magical “sparkles” to animals, water, their neighbors, strangers and friends. The techniques are fun and easy to learn and augmented by narration and interactivity. 

The themes in the book are non-denominational in nature and open to families of all faiths and non-faiths, secular humanist, religious, spiritualist and scientific alike. 

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May 18
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