Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

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This illustrated manual includes the following chapters: 

Part 1: Operational Issues 

Operational Issues: Care Under Fire 

Operational Issues: Hospital Survey 

Operational Issues: General Medical Site Survey Checklist 

Operational Issues: Site Survey, Veterinary Annex 

Operational Issues: Pararescue Primary Medical Kit Packing List 

Operational Issues: USAF SOF Trauma Ruck Pack List 

Operational Issues: USAF SOF Trauma Vest Pack List 

Operational Issues: Suggested M5 Packing List 

Operational Issues: Naval Special Warfare Combat Trauma AMAL 

Operational Issues: Patient Considerations 

Operational Issues: 9 Line MEDEVAC Request 

Operational Issues: Helicopter Landing Sites 

Operational Issues: CASEVAC with Fixed Winged Aircraft 

Operational Issues: Air Evacuation Phone List 

Part 2: Clinical Process 

Clinical Process: Medical History and Physical Examination 

Part 3: General Symptoms 

Symptom: Acute Abdominal Pain 

Symptom: Anxiety 

Symptom: Back Pain, Low 

Symptom: Breast Problems: Mastitis 

Symptom: Breast Problems: Breast Abscess Incision and Drainage Procedure 

Symptom: Chest Pain 

Symptom: Constipation 

Symptom: Cough 

Symptom: Depression and Mania 

Symptom: Acute Diarrhea 

Symptom: Dizziness 

Symptoms: ENT Problems 

Symptoms: Eye Problems: Acute Vision Loss without Trauma 

Symptom: Eye Problems: Acute Red Eye Without Trauma 

Symptom: Eye Problems: Orbital or Periorbital Inflammation 

Symptom: Eye Problems: Eye Injury 

Symptom: Fatigue 

Symptom: Fever 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Female Pelvic Examination 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Abnormal Uterine Bleeding 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Pelvic Pain, Acute 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Pelvic Pain, Chronic 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Vaginitis 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Bacterial Vaginosis 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Candida Vaginitis/Vulvitis 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 

Symptom: GYN Problems: Bartholin’s Gland Cyst/Abscess 

Symptom: Headache 

Symptom: Jaundice 

Symptom: Joint Pain 

Symptom: Joint Pain: Shoulder Pain 

Symptom: Joint Pain: Hip Pain 

Symptom: Joint Pain: Knee Pain 

Symptom: Joint Pain: Ankle Pain 

Symptom: Male Genital Problems: Genital Inflammation 

Symptom: Male Genital Problems: Testis/Scrotal Mass 

Symptom: Male Genital Problems: Prostatitis 

Symptom: Male Genital Problems: Testis Torsion 

Symptom: Male Genital Problems: Epididymitis 

Symptom: Memory Loss 

Symptom: OB Problems: Pregnancy 

Symptom: OB Problems: Vaginal Delivery 

Symptom: OB Problems: Preterm Labor (PTL) 

Symptom: OB Problems: Relief of Shoulder Dystocia 

Symptom: OB Problems: Breech Delivery 

Symptom: OB Problems: Cesarean Section 

Symptom: OB Problems: Episiotomy and Repair 

Symptom: OB Problems: Preeclampsia/Eclampsia 

Symptom: Palpitations 

Symptom: Rash and Itching Rash with a Fever 

Symptom: Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea) 

Symptom: Syncope (Fainting) 

Part 4: Organ Systems 

Chapter 1: Cardiac/Circulatory Cardiac: 

Chapter 2: Blood 

Chapter 3: Respiratory 

Chapter 4: Endocrine Endocrine: Adrenal Insufficiency 

Chapter 5: Neurologic 

Chapter 6: Skin 

Chapter 7: Gastrointestinal (GI) 

Chapter 8: Genitourinar 

Part 5: Specialty Areas 

Chapter 9 Podiatry 

Chapter 10: Dentistry 

Chapter 11: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) 

Chapter 12: Zoonotic Diseases 

Chapter 13: Infectious Diseases (ID) 

Chapter 14: Preventive Medicine 

Chapter 15: Veterinary Medicine 

Chapter 16: Human Nutritional Deficiencies 

Chapter 17: Toxicology 

Chapter 18: Mental Health 

Chapter 19: Anesthesia 

Part 6: Operational Environments 

Chapter 20: Dive Medicine 

Chapter 21: Aerospace Medicine 

Chapter 22: High Altitude Illnesses 

Chapter 23: Cold Illnesses and Injuries 

Chapter 24: Heat-Related Illnesses 

Chapter 25: Chemical, Biological, and Radiation (CBR) Injuries 

Chapter 26: CBR: Biological Warfare 

Chapter 27: CBR: Radiation Injury 

Part 7: Trauma 

Chapter 28 Trauma Assessment 

Chapter 29: Human and Animal Bites 

Chapter 30: Shock 

Chapter 31: Burns, Blast, Lightning, & Electrical Injuries 

... and more.

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