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There are 110 volcanoes in Japan laid on Pan Pacific Volcanic Rim. Japan Metrological Agency specified forty-seven volcanoes as in active. And the agency are closely observing them in 24 hours system. Many of those active volcanoes and adjacent mountains areas are in national parks or state parks, beside some of volcanoes such as Mt. Fuji and active volcanic zone in Shiretoko Peninsula are listed world heritage sites by UNESCO.

   Throughout seasons in every year, hundreds millions of people visit those volcanoes and adjacent area for relaxing in skiing, camping, trekking, climbing, and putting them in hot springs and so on. Hot spring, which is naturally welling out hot water from earth-land without putting any energy, is by-product of volcanoes. Purpose of visiting volcanoes and mountains are different, but many of visitors expect to put themselves in the hot spring in the middle of nature where they can relax in both body and mind. To people living in volcanic region, hot spring is not the most valuable natural resource and assets to many Japanese, but also it is distinctive advantage for tour industry to attract visitors. 

  However, people are not aware of volcanoes except people living in foot of active volcanoes. The purpose of this book is that people should know nature rich-land Japan where is formed by volcanoes. This edition encompass from Mt. Fuji, Mt. Asama, Mt. Usu, and to volcanic islands in the south of Kyushu. 42 out of 47 active volcanoes specified by Japan Meteorological Agency are in, and one volcano is added in Kunashiri Island belongs to Northern Territory of Japan. Five volcanic islands in the middle of Pacific Ocean, Hachijo-Jima, Aogashima, and other three are excluded.  Volcanic Alert Level is quoted from Japan Meteorological Agency Report.  Each active volcano is explained with four types of color image processed from Landsat 5th and 7th; however, three volcanic islands in Kyushu are shown by three kinds of color image. Four or three kinds of color image are enough to interpret land cover, landscape, active volcano, land structure, and hot spring.

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