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Presented for the first time as a Special Edition are Books One and Two of Lucia Jordan's Bestselling series, ‘Spectacular Stranger’. 

Book 1: Wedding blues

Still reeling from her cancelled wedding day, Kelly goes out in search of a casual encounter. What she finds is Scott – an unassuming man who agrees to give her what she needs, but what she gets is a night to remember on an epic scale.

Book 2: After Party

As her relationship with Scott continues, Kelly finds herself confronted by the ultimate decision – to stay with a man who pleases her, but without an emotional connection, or seek out someone new and give up the sex of a lifetime. There is only one way to make the choice.

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
October 31
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

biancar28 ,

Super erotic lol

I really love the previews of these 2 books. It makes me want to read what happens to Kelly and Scott. I loved both of them, poor Scott leaves, giving Kelly a sweet and final goodbye kiss. It made me want to slap Kelly lol, but I understand why she did what she did. Hopefully they get back together 😊

Nicole2720 ,

Spectacular Stranger by Lucia Jordan

The book portrays Kelly dealing with what happens to people in real life. I like how she shows true courage and hope that in the end she finds true love.

readerobooks ,

Spectacular Stranger- Lucia Jordan

Kelly and Scott will draw you in and make you wish you had the courage to walk up to stranger in a bar. Read. This. Now!

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