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Popular author Lucia Jordan brings you, presented in one complete volume, the COMPLETE SPECTACULAR STRANGER SERIES. 

This series contains very explicit descriptions of erotic activity during a love affair between the heartbroken Kelly and the lovelorn Scott. Only mature readers should download this series.

Spectacular Stranger Book 1: Wedding blues

Still reeling from her cancelled wedding day, Kelly goes out in search of a casual encounter. What she finds is Scott – an unassuming man who agrees to give her what she needs, but what she gets is a night to remember on an epic scale.

Spectacular Stranger Book 2: After Party

As her relationship with Scott continues, Kelly finds herself confronted by the ultimate decision – to stay with a man who pleases her, but without an emotional connection, or seek out someone new and give up the sex of a lifetime. There is only one way to make the choice.

Spectacular Stranger Book 3: Single Life

It’s been a few months, and Kelly is starting to get over being jilted at the altar and is re-thinking where she stands in the game of romance. But when her old flame and former fiancé shows up at her home, she is not quite prepared for whose arms she ends up in.

Spectacular Stranger 4: Coming Home

Scott seems to be the perfect man, and the trip to the beach house seems to only make it more certain. But Kelly is struggling to let herself go and trust herself to fall in love again. Can she surrender herself to the mood, or is sex going to be the only way forward for her?

August 27
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Customer Reviews

Booklover643 ,

SS review

Left me wanting more! Not sure what is going on in Kelly's mind. What will happen with Scott? Lucia Jordan's books are always a terrific read.

MtnDew1285 ,

Great book. Reliving old days this way. Just in the male version

This was a great read. Can't wait to read the rest of the books. Finished it in an hour of non stop reading beige bed.

troubleteen21 ,

Great read

I loved it! The story was so good I was hoping for more chapters and the end of the book.

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