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"Halfway between Frederick Forsyth's Dogs of War and Ayn Rand's Fountainhead. The gold mine in the jungle, the mercenaries, and the child soldiers keep you turning the pages. A morality tale with modern twists."—John Mackey (Founder, Whole Foods Market and author of Conscious Capitalism)

The greatest gold discovery in history draws a young Charles Knight to West Africa, where he unearths deception, violence, and romance. Xander Winn—a Dutchman on his own mission—mentors Charles on his voyage into the world of speculation and African politics. But a psychopathic rebel leader, the purveyors of a six-billion-dollar fraud, a team of mercenaries bent on early retirement, and the US government all get in his way. 

Everyone wants him dead. But Charles plans to strike it rich.


Speculator uses the cover of a thrilling tale of international intrigue to provide an economic and moral defense of the much-maligned speculator and an economic and moral condemnation of those who profit via force and fraud. Doug Casey and John Hunt have provided an invaluable service to those looking for unique ways to spread the ideas of liberty.” —Dr. Ron Paul

Speculator may prove to be the first in a new genre of fiction. Give this book to all your friends and enemies.” —John Hart (Author of Redemption Road)

"Adventure... intrigue... philosophy... politics... you'll find it all in this fast-paced novel from Doug Casey and John Hunt. Most important, you'll find thoughts — the kind of thoughts that will make you think too." —Bill Bonner (Author of Empire of Debt and Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets)

“Speculator will keep you thinking long past the conclusion and for years to come."—Robert Ringer (Author of Looking Out for #1 and Winning Through Intimidation)

Speculator is a roller-coaster lesson on the arcane world of gold-mine investing. An African revolution, massive fraud with massive profits and losses—the novel is such fun you don't notice how much you are learning. But, mostly, it is a good read with a unique protagonist.” —Wendy McElroy (Author of Liberty for Women)

“Move over John Galt and Humphrey Bogart, Speculator has created an old-fashioned hero with contemporary style and sex appeal. Expert cicerones lead us through the dark world of African mining and international finance. It is a riveting tale, perfect for a day at the beach or a long-winter’s-night read. Pure gold.” —Richard Harteis (Author of Marathon and Publishing Director of Poets-Choice.com)

“Passionately pointed and provocative."—David Brin (Author of Earth and The Postman)

Speculator combines the fast-paced action of a Dirk Pitt adventure story with the cerebral message of an Ayn Rand novel. The authors’ knowledge of how markets, mining, and governments work is impressive, yet the book reads like a day at the beach. Crisp, intelligent, and witty, this new adventure series might even out-Rand Rand.” — Jo Ann Skousen (Professor of English Literature, Chapman University)

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September 27
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Customer Reviews

EMWohlwend ,

A great mix of education and fun

This is a fantastic book with very interesting characters. It teaches a variety of lessons about economics and finance while keeping you riveted with the action inside. After reading this I recommended it to my family and friends. I can't wait till the next book in the series comes out!

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