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A fun witch cozy mystery!

Amelia Spelled discovers an old spellbook, which to her delight contains a spell to improve one’s baking. When a spelling mistake is thrown into the mix, she accidentally summons an entity. Amelia does her best to reverse the spell, but finds it’s no piece of cake. When a murderer strikes, can Amelia rise to the occasion, solve the murder, and find her abilities as a witch?

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 2
Best Cosy Books
Morgana Best

Customer Reviews

Stacey1231 ,

Exceptional Must Read

The fourth book in this series is a must read as much as the first 3. I definately recommend this book and series to any person who loves cozy witchy mysteries.

When Amelia is digging in her garden to plant a rose bush she discovers a metal box. Whilst digging she hurts her back when she hits the box. She takes the box in hoping to find jewels or money only to discover a book in it. It’s an ancient spell book. When she discovers a page for help with baking she quickly reads the spell thinking she needs it but what appears is an entity. She has no idea of what it is or how it appeared.

When she goes in to her bakery a customer comes in. When she serves the customer he complains that the cupcake is stale and throws it down. Under her breath she mumbles a few words and heads in the back to get something to clean the mess. When she comes back out front the other 2 customers are gone & the complainer is dead. Did the entity kill him or the other 2 customers or was it someone else?

She joins forces with her friends to solve the mystery of who killed him and how to banish the entity.

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