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The dramatic and heartwarming conclusion to the Isle of Destiny Series.

Neala O’Riordan is no stranger to the sweet and spicy things in life although that’s more to do with running a highly acclaimed bakery in Kilkenny than because of having any semblance of a dating life. In lieu of romantic entanglements, Neala instead pours her love and attention into her rapidly growing business and the in-demand sweets she concocts.

When a distraught man storms into her bakery one morning, Neala’s life is turned upside down. In moments, she’s plunged into a fairytale world – and she’s the star of the show. When she learns that the fate of Ireland, if not the entire world, rests on her shoulders, Neala is ready to turn tail and run for the hills – but she’s stopped in her tracks by the storm she sees in the eyes of her handsome protector, Dagda. 

With one look, Dagda challenges Neala to stay and fight – to accept her destiny – and to change the course of the future. Unable to resist a challenge, Neala throws caution to the wind and joins an unlikely group of magickal humans and fae alike as she finds herself pulled into the adventure of a lifetime. It’s a race against the clock to end a centuries-old curse, and Neala does her best to keep her heart from falling for the quiet charms of her alluring protector. Though her battle to resist her attraction to Dagda may be a lost cause, Neala refuses to lose the fight against the dark fae. With the help of friends from Grace’s Cove, Neala holds fast to her belief that – no matter what – love will always light the way against darkness.   

March 23
Lovewrite Publishing
Patricia OMalley

Customer Reviews

susan68133 ,

Love this series

I loved this series!! The final book brought back all of the past wonderful characters while introducing great new players. It was a wonderful story that tied everything in a nice ending with the final book which I appreciated. Tricia O’Malley writes such captivating stories. I start to read one and I don’t want to stop until I get to the ending. For me, if I can’t wait to read it until the ending— that’s a great story and writer. Highly recommend this series and author!!

Annbow22 ,


It was a bittersweet ending to the series! Ms. O’Malley once again serves up a heartwarming tale. I received a Beta copy of the book and was once again blown away. Thanks for your gift!

Texas109 ,

Great ending to series!

Sphere Song completes the Isle of Destiny series and it is worth the wait. The dark fae have declared open war on all of existence, with wicked Dommu determined to win at all cost and rule. In preparation she has kidnapped and hidden the previous Seekers and their treasures. There is, however, one treasure remaining to be found, The Cauldron of Plenty. Bakery owner Neala, is stunned and not inclined to believe when told by her Protector, Dagda, that the fate of those other three...as well as that of the whole world, known and unknown, rests on her shoulders. The author has written an exciting, keep you on the edge of your seat, story that brings in other favorite magickal characters from stories past. I devoured this book and its battle cry, “Head up, heart open!” There is a huge message about the necessity to forgive contained within...to let go of past hurts and become open to new beginnings. It was a difficult task since both this Seeker and her Protector were damaged souls. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book. Most highly recommend.

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