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Dueling neighbors, baby fever, fake boyfriends, and pizza… Life in Bliss has never been better! 

Pepper Blue wants a baby. Forget the husband. She’s better at training men to be good husbands for other women than she is at getting one herself, so she’s doing this on her own.

But she hasn’t exactly shared the news with her family, and they’re determined to find her a date to the next family wedding. A date that won’t leave with one of her sisters or cousins. This time.

Which means Pepper Blue needs a fake boyfriend. A fake boyfriend that she has no chance of actually falling in love with. A fake boyfriend like her obnoxious neighbor.

Tony Cross is a pizza god with a sausage problem. He’s putting on a good show—a different woman at his house every night, flirting with all the right customers, flexing his muscles when called upon—but since his divorce, his meat has been more on the undercooked side. If you know what he means.

Except, unfortunately, when it comes to his annoyingly perfect, always put together, too good for him neighbor. Pepper Blue. Who is not a viable candidate for fixing his “little problem.”

So he’s not sure why he’s coming to her rescue, pretending to be her boyfriend to save her from a bad date at his pizza joint. He just knows it’s fun. And it irritates her. And it turns out, she might be able to help his flagging pizza sales as much as she’s helping his flagging… you know.

So long as this is just business, he’s happy to keep pushing her buttons.

All night long, if he has to.

Praise for Jamie Farrell’s Misfit Brides series:

"This story is everything I love about romantic comedy!" - USA Today Bestselling Author Kylie Gilmore

"A romantic romp that's both smart & sassy." - Christie Craig, NYT Best Selling author of The Divorced & Desperate series

"Jamie Farrell will have you laughing out loud with her fun, quirky characters." - USA TODAY HEA Blog

“Hilarious, fast-paced and riveting.” - Harlequin Junkie, Recommended Read

"I'm pretty sure I've never laughed so hard in my life while reading a romance, and I can guarantee I've never snorted sweet tea up my nose reading a romance before." - Blogging by Liza

"Such a fun, sweet romance... This book is utterly charming." – Laura Florand, author of the Chocolate et Amor series

"Farrell marries warmth with tongue-in-cheek wit in this marvelous romantic comedy...Natalie and CJ's journey toward love, filled with scenes of high hilarity and vivid emotion, resonates with warmth and realism. A cast of quirky characters adds just the perfect touch to a heartwarming comedy of errors." - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY STARRED REVIEW

March 3
Jamie Farrell
Jamie Farrell

Customer Reviews

GreyGirl50 ,

Outrageously entertaining!

This book is a fabulously entertaining read with quirky and lovable characters and a storyline that is witty, charming and undeniably endearing in every way. Pepper and Tony are feuding neighbors who agree on a pact to be each others’ plus one in the week leading up to the wedding of Pepper’s sister. They don’t like each other but necessity is the mother of their invention to avoid the drama that comes along with the obnoxious attempts at matchmaking on the part of Pepper’s feisty and outrageous grandmother. Expect ludicrous family dynamics and lots of witty repartee but be prepared to lose your heart to these characters who will stay with you long after you finish their story. I read an early copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary and unsolicited review are completely my own.

Cheryl33610 ,

Favorite bride yet!

Just when I think I’ve already found my favorite Misfit, Jamie Farrell introduces us to Pepper Blue! Coming from a large family of “spicy” characters, Pepper is that does-it-all, never-fail gal that could be easily overlooked in a town full of quirkiness (Gran alone had me literally doubled over with laughter). Endlessly kind and supportive to everyone, she that rock that everyone else leans on.
But who can she lean on when trying to hide a secret, while fending off the matchmaking machinations of her outrageous Gran? Nine other than her pizza making neighbor, Tony...the one with the seemingly revolving door of women. Neither is impressed with the other, but circumstances throw these two together and the result is delicious fun.
But along with the fun and frolics comes the serious, and many times, heartbreaking reality of PCOS. Having friends and family deal with the reprocussions of this often little known or discussed disease, I was extremely pleased with how Farrell handled it. While not heavy-handed in any way, the reader nonetheless felt Pepper’s heartbreak as she dealt with this potentially life altering ailment alone.
Sound too heavy for a romance novel? It’s really not. Spiced is still full of laughter, love, sexy times and family...all my favorite elements of my favorite genre. But I also enjoy realism and honest, everyday, human issues in my readings. Spiced delivers on all fronts!
While part of the series, Spiced can definitely be read alone. We see familiar and beloved characters from earlier books, which if you’re an in-order series reader, like myself, will only add to the fun of Spiced.
So, stop reading my review and grab your copy of Spiced. You’re in for a great time!

penny42058 ,

A fabulous, funny read

I love the Misfit Brides books and Spiced didn’t disappoint. Tony and Pepper have both been dealt some crappy hands? Will the two of them ever find true happiness? I just love the characters in this series and the banter between them. You will be laughing out loud at some of Gran’s antics. When Tony and Angel come up with plans to pretend to date, will their plans backfire or will they become the best of friends? No spoilers, so grab your copy and get ready for a hilarious read

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