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We’re not out of chocolate yet! Get your refill with Spicy Chocolate for more Alcott family adventures in Book 3!
The characters you loved in Hot Chocolate and Bitter Chocolate are back. The River Oaks mavens are squabbling at each other over everything. Even Bambi is turning into a squabbler – her hands are full with Bernie AND a baby.
Lila Mae, Madge, Dorothea, Bambi and Amelia croon over the sleeping babies. Baby strollers crowd the breakfast area. Dorothea’s twins, like day and night, are 30 minutes older than Bambi’s baby. Dorothea added two nannies to her staff.
The visit is interrupted by the front doorbell – no one rings Lila Mae’s front doorbell except uninvited salespeople. Lila Mae and Amelia investigate, peeking through the side windows of the front door. [This was changed slightly in the writing of the book – now it is the kitchen door.]
A young Hispanic woman in her late 20s stands on the stoop popping gum. One hand rests on the handle of a piece of rolling luggage, the other at the hip of her skin-hugging, bright floral print skirt with ruffles at the hem. The stretchy material barely covers her thigh in front and dips to the ankles in back.
The outrageous ensemble is topped with a polka-dot halter tied behind her neck and plunging in front. Her face is perfectly made up with beautifully arched eyebrows and penciled lips.
Amelia opens the door. Chiquita, one of Uncle Tito’s nieces, barges in talking up a storm. She tells them she’s there to train for Amelia’s job. Bernie unashamedly gawks at the sexy vixen and Bambi practically yanks him off his feet.
Everyone is all flustered. Why did Uncle Tito send Chiquita without notice? Was Amelia going to quit? Lila Mae is freaked out, but not as much as Amelia, whose only thought is “am I dying or getting fired?”
And who’s this chubby-cheeked, middle-aged, cigar-smoking Dougie Vey character that Dr. Victor Tic’s 30-year old daughter shows up with, all glam and glitter, after being gone for nearly a year? Victor and wife Jeffie Ann, have been despondent over their wayward daughter, Luna, and her gambling debts.
The four romantics of Bitter Chocolate go out to dinner. They are seen exiting the Bentley by robbers. After they get out of the restaurant, the thieves try to rob them. Guess which one of our friends goes into his Shaolin Kung Fu routine? Another remembers some boxing moves. The crooks drop like flies to the sidewalk.
Pecos and the widow are still a couple. He runs the numbers for multiple wedding dates. No, Pecos doesn’t take bets at the track; he’s a numerologist.
Lila Mae must deal with major changes. She’s frantic. Her sisters can’t help this time. That’s all I’m saying about that.
Louie is beside himself… Scooter the cat disappeared. Those rotten neighbors come calling, accusing Lila Mae of stealing their cat. Louie is so sad. Then Qxxxx shows up and becomes Louie’s best friend. (No, you’re not getting that name.)
Cupid has been shooting arrows all over the Alcott clan and extended family members. Uncle Tito is smitten. Jingo has stars in his eyes. There’s no place to hide. Wedding bells will ring.
Don’t step in the blood on the sidewalk.

Expect company from Las Vegas.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 1
Dawn Greenfield Ireland - Artistic Origins
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