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In this romantic comedy, things are about to get a little spicy when love goes sideways. 

I said 'I do' to the first guy to sweep me off my feet after my heart shattered all those years ago. I didn't just vow to love him; nope, I signed on that line for both him and his daughter.

Over the years, my job and friends were the most important thing to me. Don't get me wrong; the girls are still my family. It's just this tattooed mechanic changed my outlook on love. Let's not forget that the cute blonde-haired princess has me wrapped around her fingers, and I'd do anything to protect her. 

December 7
A.M. Willard
Annelle Willard

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Izzibear ,

Loved Spicy Sweets!

Natasha is smart, sweet, funny and a little bit obsessive compulsive. She makes lists for just about everything. Imagine her surprise when she finds herself unexpectedly falling for the man fixing her car.

Diesel is an intelligent, hard working and loving single father. He’s is protective, sensitive and caring. From the moment he laid eyes on her Diesel was determined to make Natasha his.

This was a beautiful story. I loved seeing their relationship evolve and the two of them grow as individuals as well as family.

I also loved that this was not only a story about Natasha and Diesel’s love for one another but also about the love of friends. Their friends are close like family and no matter what craziness is going on in their lives they still make time for each other.

I admittedly haven’t read the other books in the A Taste of Love series yet but after reading Spicy Sweets I can’t wait to go back and read them.

Laura__F ,


I jumped into this series at Book 4 and while I feel like I may have had more of an appreciation of the characters and their quirks, I didn't feel lost by coming in at the end.

My favorite thing about this book is that Natasha and Diesel are married. So often that's where books end. H and h get married, fade to black. But there is a lot of life that happens after the HEA and I'm a huge fan of books that explore that. Marriage can be hard, there's a lot to navigate and this book shows those ups and downs so beautifully.

Natasha is a Type A list maker, always needing to plan out every detail. Diesel is the opposite, more laid back going with the flow. Since the relationship moved rather quickly, there's an inherent insecurity when things come up that you've never had to deal with before: exes, where do we live, should we expand this family. I loved the support that both of them received from Natasha's friends and Diesel's family. I loved the growth both of them showed over this story and heat that was between them. I am anxious to go back and read the first three books in this series!!

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