Spider Games

A Cruise FBI Thriller

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No one outruns a dirty past . . .

When police pull the bloated corpse of a young woman out of the river, FBI agent Claudia Seagal investigates. But first, they have to find out the victim’s identity. No one locally claims to know her. Was she a runaway? Or caught in modern slavery?

As they try to identify the woman, a bombing kills three people in San Francisco, and a new terrorist group claims victory. But the evidence ties into an old case of Claudia’s where a gunrunner died in custody.

Claudia is up for a promotion, and her relationship with robotics expert, Baxter Cruise, is now kind of a thing. When a major investor asks Baxter to join a hot startup company, his professional prospects glisten. But clouds from his dark past threaten to destroy their lives.

While she hunts for a killer, new evidence shakes her confidence. What she thought was solid now quivers, spiraling her closer to a devastating end.




    Absolutely Brilliant!!

    unique and believable characters

    I have never enjoyed or been more enthralled with any book more than this thriller. 

    exceptionally good read

    Very good story with characters who are human and a plotline that is believable.

    intelligent, mesmerizing

    a plot that twists and turns gently in the breeze, leaving you turning the pages to find out what happens next

    another riveting adventure

    plot twists and hints of more mayhem on succeeding pages.

    Greatly enjoyed the book

    Loved this book and all the others.

    Spider Games really worked for me and I loved it all!



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The Fender Hacker Thriller Series


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Customer Reviews

Avid Thriller Reader ,

Spider Games

Earlier this year I read another book by Helen called 3 Lies, and I enjoyed it enough to join her email list. I am really glad I did because Helen recently made this book available for just 99 cents for a 24 hour period. Being retired, I like a bargain as much as anyone. Even though I haven't yet read book 1 in this series, I had no trouble following the action. She writes such an engaging story with excellent character development, that I am now hooked. I plan to read book 1 and 3 in this series as well as the rest of her books even if I have to pay full price. I meant it when I said I was hooked.

Kong7004 ,

SPIDER GAMES is a fast-paced thrill ride.

SPIDER GAMES, by Helen Hanson, is a joy to read. It has a gripping opening chapter and continues to hold your interest in a way that makes you want to keep reading until you reach the conclusion.

SPIDER GAMES features the return of two memorable characters from the excellent thriller, OCEAN OF FEAR: Robotics genius Baxter Cruise and FBI agent Claudia Seagal. The characters are well-developed in Spider Games, so it isn’t necessary to have read the previous book although it too is an excellent novel.

SPIDER GAMES takes place in California with a believable premise that is in tune with current events. Ruthless criminals use social media to trick and exploit vulnerable women for their own gain and are not afraid to spill blood to protect their interests. FBI agent Claudia Seagal is asked to assist in identifying one of their victims and begins to follow clues that bring her ever closer to a villainess who is bent on seeking revenge. Baxter Cruise, a gifted robotics engineer, is offered the job of his dreams but it may be jeopardized by past mistakes when two criminals threaten to expose him unless he does what they want. When agent Seagal disappears, Baxter must come up with a way to help find her. The action builds as Helen Hanson artfully draws the story to its conclusion. If you like a good techno-thriller, SPIDER GAMES is right up your alley.

The publisher provided a complimentary advance reader (ARC) copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Gramme mom ,


SpiderGames, Helen Hanson, crime solving with intelligent, mesmerizing webbing. This book will keep you busy trying to recognize the villains purpose and outcome.

This book is a tangle of honest efforts and psycho crazy, entitled villains. Claudia Seagal and Palermi the FBI Agents, Baxter Cruize the drone wiz , Zana and Roger Tokas skilled villains , and Maryann and Becca Kader American girls entering adulthood with no clue of the world around them.

This was an exciting book to read and hard to put down. The use of current day technology, typical American life styles and segments of America rarely included,in current fiction, keeps the reader off target to assuming the cause and effect of actions.

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