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Beloved author and teacher Alan Cohen (A Course in Miracles Made Easy) uses his insightful spin on spiritual wisdom to show that we can enjoy significant career and financial success and be true to our passion and soul's calling.

Can you create material success and keep your spirit alive? Is it possible to combine prosperity with purpose and passion? Can you sell your product without losing your soul?

Expert coach and beloved teacher Alan Cohen demonstrates the answer is yes. In Spirit Means Business, he identifies--and then dismantles--the 10 primary illusions that keep us from connecting spirituality and prosperity. To name a few:

  •  If you want to succeed, you have to suffer first

  •  There's only so much to go around

  •  Competition is healthy and necessary

  •  To do well in your work, you must give up your life

In each case, Alan shows us how to replace the illusion with a higher truth, using principles that always work when we apply them consciously. You'll learn from down-to-earth examples of individuals who have combined soul and success, and you'll find crisp, clear formulas to bridge the gaps and surmount the hurdles along the way.

Drawing on wisdom sources from the Tao Te Ching to A Course in Miracles, as well as stories from Alan's clients and his own life, this book will help you navigate a spiritually sound path to the success you desire.

Health, Mind & Body
February 19
Hay House
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

CoachDianaS ,

Spirit means Business

This much-anticipated book by Alan Cohen - not surprisingly - does not disappoint! I feel this book is so timely at this hour, when many believe that the more we do the more we’re worth and, most people feel drained, depressed, and less worthy/deserving than ever. The mere idea that Spirit is the unending source of our supply and well-being on all levels, and how to tap into that, is what Alan does so brilliantly here. Filled with heartfelt, soul-capturing, practical stories and simple exercises, it is all personally serving me well, and I so look forward to inevitable, joy-filled results.

Sugar Coated Spitball ,

Another amazing book by Alan Cohen

I love this author and have read most of his books. I look to him for spiritual guidance and when I need healing. This one didn’t resonate with me until I had a horrific business experience I had to figure out how to deal with. He helped me hold my head high again, deal with everyone from a place of love and no matter what- believe in the person that I am. His books are priceless. Thank you!

Mom Tootle ,


Practical and sensible, this book brings clarity to anyone wondering why there is a discord between business and spirituality. Clearly there doesn't need to be and Alan explains this very nicely. I highly recommend this read.

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