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The Secret meets Skinny Bitch in Spirited, the fresh, hip new book by popular psychic medium Rebecca Rosen. A prescriptive program that has worked for celebrity clients including Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox Arquette, Spirited empowers readers to heighten their intuition, connect with deceased loved ones, and surpass the psychological roadblocks holding them back. Fans of James Von Praagh and John Edwards, as well as television’s The Ghost Whisperer, will find direct, down-to-earth advice on how to draw on the power of their intuitive gifts to connect with spirit energy—loved ones who have passed—to provide the clarity necessary to master real-life issues, including relationships, job fulfillment, finances, and body image.

Health, Mind & Body
February 2
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rdwmmw ,


What an awesome book! I have experienced so many encounters with Spirit and been embarrassed to admit it. I feel honored after reading this book to work with Spirit. I'm glad to know these feeling and knowings mean something. Rebecca is a great writer! Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I've read her 2nd book and it was awesome also. I hope to enjoy more books from her in the future!

Xeigh ,

Amazing Book

This book was gifted to me from my Dear Sister. Pack with information I had no idea that would ever apply to my life, and it all made perfect sense.

My own/Phyllis ,

Rebecca Rosen - "Spirited"

This book, and Rebecca, are profoundly powerful in opening your mind IF you're ready or have been wanting to wander out into the world of non traditional or non denominational theosophy. I've had my first (of many, I hope) readings with Rebecca and this book only inspired me to learn more and find my Spirit center at long last. I've been interested FOREVER (I'm 56 now) but never found a reason to stay focused on learning. After battling (and winning so far!) Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and losing both of my dear dear parents in a 3 year period, I now understand I've had my earth and Spirit guides with me all along. Only NOW does it make sense. I've been wishing (and envious and jealous and confused for so long) and confused about religion and my lack of understanding of "god". Rebecca has taught me to stop rejecting the premise and instead open my heart to the idea. Like a baby, I had to start all over but like the adult I am, once I took one step, broke into a run. Endless Gratitude for you, Rebecca. You've shifted my earthly life forever. This good is a MUST read ESPECIALLY for you skeptics. Run - don't walk. And re read and highlight huge passages if you're reading on an iPad. I made notes all the way through. Am I allowed to love you, Rebecca, this early on?

Gratitude ,

Phyllis Koenig Aaronson - Los Angeles

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