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Magick, Mischief & Kilts!

Contemporary Scottish Paranormal Romance

Charlotte has had it with the MacGregor clan interfering in her life. There's the overbearing Niall. An overprotective Euann. And, lest she forgets, crazy Uncle Raibeart who keeps proposing marriage to her and every other woman in Wisconsin. Everywhere she turns there appears to be more MacGregors following her around.


But that would be silly, right? Why would a clan of sexy Scottish men care what she's up to?


Psst... Readers, guess who is in love with Charlotte (well, besides Raibeart)? Her wild MacGregor journey is far from over, but now it's her turn to finally get the upper hand...

Warning: Contains yummy, hot, mischievous MacGregors who are almost certainly up to no good on their quest to find true love.

January 23
The Raven Books LLC
The Raven Books LLC

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R. Manor ,

Spirits and Spells

Michelle Pillow - Spirits and Spells (Warlocks MacGregor Book 5)
The Warlocks MacGregor Series by Michelle Pillow is simply magically delicious and combines all the right elements; Hunky roguish Scottish warlocks in kilts, shifters, supernatural spirits, a mischevious fun loving but fiercely loyal family, humor, romance and adventure.

This is Niall and Charlotte’s story. Charlotte’s memory of certain events she witnessed was wiped out by Niall. He felt it was the best way to protect her from going crazy learning that magic was real, it was also to protect his family. Unfortunately Charlotte is plagued by her memory loss and feels she is losing her mind. Suddenly she is slowly remembering bits and pieces. The one person she might be able to get answers from, the serious aloof Niall, she is sure dislikes her.

Niall meanwhile feels horribly wrong for what he’s done to Charlotte and goes out of his way to “protect”her, even becoming her landlord. He denies his pull and attraction to Charlotte. Niall has also taken on the roll of protector for his family and is always busy taking care of their supernatural world, he has no time for romance, even if she’d have him.
As her memories return Charlotte and Niall are thrown together especially once a spirit targets her.
Charlotte is a strong female character despite her memory, hallucinations issues and secret attraction to the broody Niall. I love how excited she was to find out magic is Real and how eager she was to learn more about this world.
This storyline brings in many of the characters from the previous books and also ties up some loose ends. There is a lovely gradual up and down love that finally blooms between the two well developed main characters.
A great series that gets better with each book and has the reader smiling the whole time.

math wizard ,


Excellent addition to the series! I enjoyed the book and recommend it for you to read! Charlotte and Niall do not always see eye to eye but they are interesting when they do interact. Charlotte thinks she is crazy based on what happened to Lydia that Stephen saw but she doesn’t know about memory wipes. Her life has taken on some unusual happenings but things are about to change. Magic will always have an effect on your life. I hope you enjoy the mystery and antics of the MacGregor men because there are humorous moments.

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