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It's three weeks until Pyper Rayne and her fiancé Julius tie the knot. All she wants to do is enjoy her risqué bridal shower, complete the final details of her wedding, and find time to enjoy the holidays. But when Charlie, the manager of Wicked, is arrested for a murder she didn't commit, Pyper puts her medium skills to the test in order to find the real killer before Charlie takes the fall. With help from her friends, a couple of shih tzus, and more than a few ghosts, can Pyper save the day and get her happily-ever-after?

August 13
Bayou Moon Press, LLC
Deanna Chase

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math wizard ,


There nothing so good as a romantic book with mystery thrown in. Pyper is finally getting married to Julius but for some reason he is missing. He is part spirit and part flesh. Charlie has been accused of killing Sam and been arrested. She gets out of jail and Candy her girlfriend is now present. But an wrench has been thrown into the story because a witch is trying to prevent Ida Mae from interfering. She cast a spell which make Julius disappear and linked to Sam. The rush is on to solve the mystery of who killed Sam and why. Julius will remain a spirit if they can’t solve the mystery.
There are plenty of sub plots and twists to the story but in the end the wedding will occur and Julius and Pyper will be happy in many ways!

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Pyper is getting married--hopefully!

Spirits, Spells and Wedding Bells is the fifth entertaining installment in A Pyper Rayne series. This series does need to be read in order, or you will be lost. Spirits, Spells and Wedding Bells has such unique characters (the author has a delightful imagination). I like that they are a close group of friends who are there for each other through thick and thin. Pyper Rayne is looking forward to her upcoming wedding to Julius. She is ready to start a family especially after seeing Jade and Kane with their little darling. Jade and Kane’s little girl is six weeks old which leaves Jade feeling a wee bit tired (and cranky since she cannot have alcohol). I have enjoyed watching Pyper and Jade fall in love and marry. I laughed from beginning to end while reading Spirits, Spells and Wedding Bells. Deanna Chase managed to immediately capture my attention and hold it throughout the book. Ida May is a one-of-a-kind character whose antics will have you giggling. I love how protective she is of Pyper’s little dog. I like the magical aspects of the book and how it is integrated into the story. The mystery is present, but not necessarily the dominate aspect of the book. It was still interesting with a shocking twist. The friendships, romance, magic, ghosts, the businesses, the mystery and the dogs all tie together into one diverting tale. I was sorry when I finished this book much too quickly. The only aspect that I do not like is the foul language of which there was way too much of for me. I wanted to share my favorite Ida May phrase with you. It is “Stick a fork in me, I’m burning up with sin. That man is hot.” Spirits, Spells and Wedding Bells has spirited ghosts, racy lingerie, a dangerous dagger, magical mayhem, a hot hubby, and one enchanting wedding.

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