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What is Destiny? What is Karma Yog? Why do bad things happen to good people? What does the soul look like?  Dialectics is a method of investigating into the nature of the Truth, through discussions in the form of questions and answers. Many a times, resolution of the doubt creates an experience that is nothing short of an epiphany, a sudden enlightenment, or an intuitive leap of realization.  The satisfaction of having a troubling question answered after many years of intellectual discomfort is much like the gratification of taking off a tight shoe after wearing it all day, except that the latter is a physical relief while the former is an intellectual deliverance.  

Over the last 25 years, Swami Mukundananda has been asked hundreds of thousands of questions from people across the world, on diverse topics related to religion, spirituality and God. These discussions with devotees, seekers and learners are now available as a source of guidance for sincere seekers worldwide. The book is a compilation of answers to some of the most challenging questions regarding spirituality, the goal of life, philosophy, the holy scriptures, and more.

Religion & Spirituality
April 20
Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog
Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog

Customer Reviews

Manish Char ,

Your questions answered

I had several questions in Spirituality for which i have been searching satisfying answers , which confirms with Vedic injunctions and logic. Swami Mukundanadji's 'Spiritual Dialectics' was a surprise find for me. As i went through the book not only all my questions were answered but also dispelled the myths i had about spirituality.I was able to quikly refer to a particular section as the topics were arranged sysematically. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this book to everyone who is on the path to Spirituality /God-realization.

Ajay Chandhok ,

Antholgy of Selected Burning Questions to Spiritual Advancement

A phenomenal selection of most relevant questions for a spiritually inquisitive mind and thoroughly disussed and answered in by Swami ji in context of absolute reality and vedic knowledge. A Must READ

Bay Area Aarti ,

Seeking answers related to spirituality? Look no further...

If you have questions, any sort of questions or doubts, about spirituality/hinduism, this is the book that has those answers. Instead of trying to read all the Vedic scriptures which can take a lifetime, I recommend reading this book first which, in contrast, can take anywhere from upwards of 30min depending upon your pace.

The author, Swami Mukundananda, has organized the chapters in such a way that each chapter addresses one topic. All the questions in that one chapter range from something high-level or introductory to detailed, specific items. Since the book is written in a conversational Q&A format, it's easy to read. The book never gets boring and is not dense. On the contrary, it is very engaging because it contains questions that might not occur to the reader. Additional information on such topics is always interesting and helpful.

The questions were submitted by real people who, despite searching for so long, hadn't yet found a convincing answer. As a last resort, they submitted questions to Swamiji. Questions to be addressed were selected on popularity, uniqueness, complexity, and relevance. Swamiji provides answers to their questions by explaining the concept from the scriptures and where applicable, stories either from the scriptures or examples from everyday life.

Topics in the book range from nature and purpose of the soul; relationship amongst the body, mind, and soul; rebirth and past lives; science of surrender and devotion; paths to God-realization; etc...

The book is also a great conversation starter and with the Q&A format it gives the reader the flexibility to manage the pace of reading. It's an interesting read and I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking answers related to Hinduism/Vedic Scriptures/Spirituality.

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