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Colleen Mauro founded Intuition: A Magazine for the Higher Potential of the Mind to introduce readers to the emerging field of intuition development. In her new book, she takes readers beyond the intuition basics and introduces them to the next step—a more advanced form of intuitive perception called spiritual telepathy.

This book provides the ancient mind-training techniques that will allow you to access the wisdom and guidance of your own soul. These techniques, once taught in the ancient mystery schools come from a body of knowledge called the Ageless Wisdom.

The Wisdom teachings tell us that the soul is our gateway to the higher worlds. Through the soul, we have access to the universal or divine mind where information on all subjects can be found. In the past, it's been only the "special" people—our saints, shamans and spiritual leaders—who have had access to the higher worlds. Colleen assures us that we can all gain access to that universal wellspring of inspiration and knowledge.
"All the great wisdom traditions throughout history have devised ways of increasing the breadth, depth, and power of the human mind. The greatest of these techniques lead to an expanded awareness of our infinite, spiritual, soul-like nature. Colleen Mauro's Spiritual Telepathy is a splendid guidebook for anyone wishing to enter  this journey of discovery and the joy and fulfillment to which it leads." --Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind:  How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters
“This is a wonderful book, very important for us all now, as we recognize that we ourselves are receiving higher intelligence all the time. Tuning into it and sharing it with one another in a resonant field is one of the great practices now.” --Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution

“Colleen Mauro is an archeologist of the spirit. In this delightfully original guidebook she unearths what varying traditions have taught about the nature of telepathy, and provides modern readers with a handbook for self-experiment.” --Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America and One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life

Colleen Mauro has thirty years of experience in magazine publishing, including work as a publisher, editor, advertising director, and circulation and marketing consultant. A lifelong interest in the untapped powers of the mind led her to the launch of Intuitionmagazine in 1988. Intuition explored the higher potential of the mind and the many and varied ways of knowing – intuition, inspiration and telepathy – providing both research and how-to information in easy-to-read form for the general reader.

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April 15
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