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A young woman does a good deed for her nanny, only to have it go horribly wrong. A newly married woman struggles to gain the upper hand with her self-assured cleaning woman. An anxious woman desperate for an authentic experience makes a rash decision to leave the grounds of her Moroccan luxury hotel. In this sophisticated and provocative story collection, acclaimed author Caitlin Macy turns her unsparing eye on well-heeled thirtysomething women who, despite their education and affluence, struggle to keep their footing in their relationships with their friends, spouses, and children—not to mention their help. Full of surprising, sometimes shocking insights and brimming with outrage and compassion, Spoiled is a remarkable collection from a boldly talented writer.

Fiction & Literature
March 3
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Verbose Boss ,

Spoiled is a well written fictional critique of milenial women...

I happened on Caitlin Macy's 'Spoiled' as a free iBook, and feel like I found someone's five caret diamond ring while looking for shells on the beach. She has a discerning wit that translates nicely to her pen (or Adobe Spark Post) and punches your face each time you want to smirk at a character flaw you recognize in your best friend (but not you, of course). I am barely of the Baby Boomer generation and my daughter is firmly of Caitlin's. I can't wait for her and her friends to read her works (we are all VERY educated, of course, and enjoy discussing books). I wonder if THEY think they are spoiled, or just better prepared for life as women, having watched their mothers try so hard to 'have it all', and ultimately succeed at having very little.

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