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Business Intelligence and advanced data analytic need not be out with the resources of small medium businesses. Too often they are considered to be advantages only accessible to fortune 500 organizations but that isn't strictly true. In this book we will show you how to lead your company along the path to data maturity from spreadsheets to cubes. This book will provide the guidance and the information that you will require in building a data analytical culture using an affordable infrastructure that will enable your business to perform the type of reporting, analysis and forecasting techniques used by much larger organizations. Business Intelligence gleaned through analyzing operational and market data provides large companies with tremendous competitive advantage but it doesn't necessarily need big budgets and highly trained staff. Large organizations do not operate on whims or gut feelings, that may be the spark of inspiration but decisions are made on hard facts that are tested and verified through data analysis. By using your business knowledge along with some technical guidance you can benefit from the operational insights and the business intelligence that advanced data analysis will bring to the company. But data maturity is not something that can be acquired overnight you will need a robust strategical, tactical and operational approach to data management and analysis. This book aims to provide the business and technical strategies, as well as the tactical implementation plans that a small to medium business will require to overcome the many financial and operational obstacles along the path to becoming a technically advanced and business intelligent organization.

Business & Personal Finance
July 31
Alasdair gilchrist
Draft2Digital, LLC

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