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Travel to England, Ireland, USA, and Thailand with four erotic novellas in one anthology!

A young woman meets a professor who teaches her life's most important lessons in A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING.

In UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY, a secret box in an old house reveals an unusual love of two people who have never met.

SUMMER SOLSTICE is the setting for a pagan party, a night of sexual adventure, and a man who will set a woman's heart afire.

A Thai nightclub holds an unusual drawing in THE LOTTERY. The prize is a woman, but her services are not what you might expect.


"Baylee's tales are so much more than simply good erotica. They are stunning slices of humanity laid bare at their most vulnerable moments ..." - Tracy Riva, The Midwest Book Review

"I was surprised by the literary quality of these stories. Love stories much more than erotica, and so well done." - Toby Neal, author of the Lei Crime Series

"Spring into Summer was a great read and I recommend it to romance lovers who aren't afraid to let Baylee access their more raw side." - Diantha Jones, Masquerade Crew

NOTE: The companion anthology, FALL INTO WINTER, and each novella also sold separately.

Editorial Review:

"As a poet (or hack according to my critics), my goal has always been to paint emotional pictures with words; to show how feelings look. I think that is why I both admire and resent Eden. She accomplishes what I set out to do and yet frequently fail to accomplish. Her prose is emotive but easy, and she never falls into the trap of saying instead of showing. Be it a gentle moment between two vulnerable souls or a torrid episode of wanton desire; Eden's words are unobtrusive. In reading her work I often find myself experiencing a range of emotions. Her stories flow seamlessly from sweet to steamy while never feeling forced. Men over 40 (how much over shall remain the secret of my vanity) are not exactly the target demographic for literary erotica. But if there were more of the genre as good as Eden's, I think the marketeers would need to rethink their strategy."
~ Steven Marty Grant, author of Another Hotel Room

Fiction & Literature
December 11
Eden Baylee
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Customer Reviews

BPerlin ,

The perfect spring read!

Spring Into Summer is a spicy collection of smart, sexy, revealing stories filled with human interaction where sex is not the only highlight. There is more to these tales while still being stunningly sexy.

Season for Everything is a realistic story about Claire, a young woman that needs to get out more. She has doubts and insecurities but an instant attraction to Stephen who was practically a stranger but stirred feelings in her that she didn't expect. This is a spicy read but takes a little  time to work up to it but when the time comes... Pow!

Crisp, well-written and plays out visually on the pages. A touching, erotic, romantic story with depth. Captivating.

Quote ~

"And so I began the love affair I knew could not possibly have a happy ending. I dove into it with my eyes open, my mind alert, yet I was blind and unaware. The only thing I prepared myself for was a broken heart-of this, I had no doubt."

Unlocking the Mystery by Eden Baylee is another scrumptious, decadent tale by this well-accomplished writer. So nicely done, as a reader I can glide from page to page without much effort at all. There is something sharp about the authors prose. Raw, passionate, delicate and definitely erotic. There is strength in her choice of words. Exquisite and yet surprising at the same time. Great attention to even the smallest of details.

This is a beautiful story, romantic, tantalizing, unexpected and sentimental. A provocative escape into the unknown. An easy book to cozy into. Something I would expect from this author.

Quote ~

Before going to bed each night, Evelyn pulled out a year or two's worth of letters and reread them, trying to figure out why she held the key. Though she was not a believer in fate, she sensed Carolyn entrusted her with this intimate part of her life for a reason. Was she trying to tell her something? Did she have unfinished business? Or was Rachel right, was all of this simply a coincidence?

The Lottery by Eden Baylee, a novella tastefully done and passion driven. This smooth story grabbed my attention and had me reading with great enthusiasm and curiosity.

This tale of sacrifice moved me and took me in. Though I have never been to Thailand, this book transported me there, instantly. It took me outside myself and to a place I only dream about discovering on my own.

The Lottery touched me, satisfied me and filled me with warmth and sexual tension to boot. More than anything, the friendships the author writes about are more beautiful than any painting I have ever seen. I could have kept reading as I was so immersed in this tantalizing story.

Quote ~

The sisters walked arm in arm like I used to do with my best friend when we were kids. I was a bit uncomfortable when Jade took my arm but soon realized many of the girls I saw did the same. An interesting cultural difference, I thought. It did get the attention of foreign men though, some who ogled us shamelessly. Their lecherous looks bothered me, but the girls didn't seem to notice.

"Who would it be tonight?
Brawny Gerard Butler? Swaggering Johnny Depp? Or some complete stranger?"

Summer Solstice is another surprising tale by the author who knows how to get right to the point. This story centers around thirty-something Ava who was withdrawn due to a tragedy over the summer. For her to get back to her old self she would need to make an asserted effort. After all, she wasn't getting any younger!

Be prepared for aggressive sexual storytelling. The authors direct style is gripping, strong and forceful. Hard to walk away from these well developed, enticing erotic stories. I was captivated from the beginning. All the way through to the last sentence. There is magic in the words and this author doesn't waste any of them. She uses them carefully and delicately and then... Aggressively or as in this case, the other way around. Nothing left out for the imagination so it's a good thing I like it that way. Summer Solstice takes you for a ride like no other. A Big Bang!

Quote ~

"The candlelight mixed with the hot steam created a thick fog. It floated toward the open bathroom door like a long drag released from a cigarette."

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