Spring of the Cursed Fae Spring of the Cursed Fae
Land of the Fae

Spring of the Cursed Fae

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From New York Times Bestselling author L.P. Dover comes a seductive tale of angst-ridden romance.

Fae from across the land have come to the enchanting Spring Court in hopes of winning Lia’s affection. But the future queen is not easily swayed. Trained to be a warrior, the needs of her people outweigh her own desires. Were she to give in to temptation, it would be with the two forbidden men who stole her heart long ago…
Twins Bayleon and Bastian were cursed with the powers of seduction before they were even born. One look in their eyes enthralls their victims to a blissful death. Offered the opportunity to be Lia’s protectors, their place in court comes with a steep price. They must shield their eyes and promise not to seduce any women. Failure to uphold this agreement will be punishable by death.
But not giving in to their powers takes its toll. If they don’t succumb… they’ll die. To save the men she loves, Lia gives in to her desires. How can she pick just one when her heart and soul belong to both?
Refusing to lose either of them, Lia embarks on a quest for a cure. Yet when the future queen is abducted by those who don’t want the curse broken, it’s up to Bayleon and Bastian to save their love. Can they find Lia before the curse kills them? Or will the trials they face tear the trio apart?

April 18
L.P. Dover
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

threers ,

Wonderful, Exciting Fae Romance

This story reminds me of why I am a reader and not an author. My imagination is not there. My brain fails me. I don’t know where the author gets her ideas, but I am so grateful that she has them and is willing to share them with the reader. I do know that I don’t want to be in her head. I will wait until she puts pen to paper. Spring of the Cursed Fae contains all that is good and exciting within the fantasy romance genre. If you are new to the genre; Spring of the Cursed Fae is a great introduction to the world of fantasy.

The royal courts in the Land of the Fae continue to expand with the royal children gaining their own courts. There are so many fascinating locations, both light and dark. Some of the creatures in the story are downright terrifying, goosebump generating. Other creatures are beautiful in body and soul. There always seems to be a ball somewhere, keeping readers informed of the different creatures living on the lands.

The story centers around Lia, who becomes Queen of the Blossom Court and her two protectors, Bastian and Bayleon. Her protectors are Tyvar, which is similar to being a siren, except they can manipulate women. They may be Tyvar but Bastian and Bayleon have sworn off of the practice and wear special masks to prevent them from influencing women. As the men become weaker and weaker from lack of sex something has to change.

And change it does. For years Lia, Bastian and Balloon have kept quiet about the love they all share. Lia knows how to save them. I will admit I usually skim the sex scenes, but not in this story. The author shows the importance of the sex and its necessity. The author’s words show the love they all share through sex. In this story the sex is as beautiful as the characters are. No matter how good the sex is, as long as they are Tyvar the three cannot marry.

Lia is desperate to reverse the curse. Her determination puts many at risk. They must face the unthinkable. The story is intense. The conflict is dangerous. The attempts to stop them are violent and scary.

The unexpected is mind blowing, making for an addictive read that kept me up past my bedtime. I tried putting it to bed, but the story wouldn’t let me rest. I needed to know what would happen. I wasn’t sure if there would be a happily ever after. The author definitely made the characters work for there forever love. And my heart is still all a flutter with it. I finally fell asleep filled with happiness.

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