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She definitely wasn’t in the mood to deal with a man! 

Jade DeSantis could ignore the intense attraction for the handsome Detective Simon Kershaw!  Yes, she could do it.  She’d moved to Wyoming to start a new life!  Unfortunately, the guy kept coming around.  Granted, he had a mystery to solve, but…with each visit from the overly muscular, shockingly attractive detective, he was shattering those newly minted vows? 

Detective Simon Kershaw thought that the gorgeous woman shooting a BB gun at a spider was…fascinating.  Crazy, but entrancing!  The attraction was obviously there and very much mutual.  So what was stopping the beautiful woman from enjoying the sparks that flew around them like fireworks every time they looked at each other? 

Was there some way to convince Jade to take a chance?  Or had someone hurt her so deeply that she was a lost cause?  

March 26
Elizabeth Lennox Books, LLC
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC

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Cher o ,

Another can’t wait to read series

Spring Seduction is the first book in the Wyoming Fever series. Jade DeSantis and her sister Sage are new to Wyoming and both vowed never to date men again. At least that was the plan until Jade meets Simon A detective and his partner Arik Harper! The detectives were out looking for a missing man when they meet Jade and find the man dead in her barn. Jade and Sage are working on becoming independent and thought they had left their domineering father Alexander and his strong arming back in NY. When he follows them to Wyoming and tries to force them back they stand up to him. Meanwhile, the attraction between Jade and Simon is off the chart ! Maybe Jade has just not been dating the right men! This was a great fun book to read! Oh and Sage and Arick they just might be an item.

oo4chelle ,

Got to the second page....

Details matter!

This author has apparently never handled a firearm and has no concept of correct terminology. There is no such thing as a “silencer”. There are, however, suppressors.

I won’t read this book because details matter to me and this is misinformation and disinformation.

Yes, this is fiction but it should be based in fact and the author is doing her readers a great disservice by not doing a little research first.

Mur1234567890 ,

Spring seduction

Good, quick read. Strong character and enjoyable reading. I’m glad she stood up for herself.

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