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At a time when so many of us are searching for a better way of life, Squelched: Succeeding in Business and Life by Finding Your Voice is big in its vision. With the world in turmoil, we need to take control of our lives in a positive fashion. Terry Beard, the author, believes that his book is everyone’s story. It is a powerful account of how one person has come to validate himself. Many of us have been squelched and have lost our childhood innocence, our pride, our self-esteem and our self-confidence. As a result, too many of us live with our inner voices reinforcing the feeling that we are “not good enough.”

Terry Beard empowers his readers by sharing with them that his life was controlled by others telling him directly and indirectly that he was “not good enough.” How he battled and overcame that negativity is the substance of this story.

By joining Toastmasters, Terry Beard developed public speaking skills, writing skills, and interpersonal communication abilities, which have given him strength and confidence. These empowered Beard to conquer his fear of “not being good enough,” and become a financially successful business person and community leader. He shares his story in a way that gives strength and encouragement to his readers, who may also lack the self-confidence to stand up in front of an audience and face their fear of being judged head-on.

Squelched: Succeeding in Business and Life by Finding Your Voice is a story of turning lead into gold. It is living testimony that we need not succumb to the negative messages life readily serves to thwart our best efforts. We can be more than the expectations of others, with effort and conviction and a refusal to surrender.

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