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Stacey's class is selling "valentine-grams", packets of secret messages and candy that kids can send to each other. When someone steals the bag of messages, Stacey becomes a super sleuth to find the culprit and save Valentine's Day.

August 25
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Grades K-3

Customer Reviews

lovefromjack ,

This scintillating novel stole my boorish heart

Let’s get right down to the heart of the matter. <— This is not a pun, it is a literary device wherein I am echoing the language of the title to underscore my point. It’s a bloody good read! <— This IS a pun. It’s because hearts do blood in the body.

Sorry for the digression. I just had to speak what was in my heart. This book shook me to my core …. azon (Spanish for "heart”), because it is not just about stolen hearts. It is a novel about stolen innocence, stolen valor, and the stolen moments of our precious childhoods that we will never regain and always remember.

So Stacey has an unusually strong showing this week. Her(z) (“Herz” is German for “heart”) story will rock you to the coeur (that’s French for “heart.”) What a bloody good read. I ❤️ this one. This book was so καρδιά-vating (that’s Greek for “heart,” and at least one of us knows that a Rho is not a “P," but what can you do?) that we couldn’t help but rate it five st-heart-s. (that’s a bloody reach), even though it’s a Stacey book, but the way we’ve justified this is that it’s a six-star review, with one star deducted for Stacey. And/Or, Stacey’s just not in this one and it’s Pete Black and the Stolen Hearts.

And either way, our hearts are stolen. No seriously, they are literally gone. Call the police. And the ambulance. My heart is gone from this book and thanks to this book.

So even though it makes us il in our cuore (il cuore is Italian for heart), we had a bloody good time reading it.

– Jack Shepheart and Tanner Greenring (P.S. We heart this one)

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