A Systematic Framework to Design Learning for Special Needs

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Stages is a systematic framework for learning design, for individuals with cognitive or language delay. This iBook is intended for use by special educators, parents, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, Inclusion specialists, and assistive technology specialists.

Author Madalaine Pugliese has designated seven stages of a learner’s cognitive and language development. The Stages philosophy and framework has two main purposes:

—To be a guide to selecting learning materials for learners with special needs.

—To be an informal assessment tool for learners whose competencies are often difficult to measure any other way.


The seven stages are developmental and systematic in nature. They are not age- or grade-referenced, but more competency-based; for example, Stage One requires a learner to understand that activating her device makes something happen, and that she can control the learning environment.


Stages One through Three are sequential and focus on language foundation. Stages Four Through Seven are not designed to be used sequentially because they work together to assess a learner’s competencies within an interconnected academic discovery skill set.


This illustrated MultiTouch iBook details the features of each Stage, including:

* Video of a real-life learner using a Stage-appropriate app

* Sample IEP Objectives

* Information about software and accessibility considerations

* An Observable Skills Checklist, used to determine learner’s readiness for the next Stage

* A list of recommended Learning Materials, fully linked

* Linked References

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Customer Reviews

hapily ,

Helps me teach students and assign software!

I have been following Madalaine Pugliese’s work since before her first book. She was a workshop presenter at a conference that I attended. Her STAGES sequence has helped me to teach many students to use the computer and has given me a tool to continue to assign students to appropriate software. This book is a wealth of information. Software and apps come and go, but the basic philosophy continues. The only thing I wish is that the old assessment tool was updated for current opporating systems (and kept up-to-date in the future!) and available as an App Store download for iPads and MACs.