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STALKING A DIVA™is a real life cyber-thriller—the first of its genre-- and a page-turner from start to finish. Leandra's story is featured as an episode on the Investigation Discovery series "Obsession: Dark Desires" airing February 2014.

"DIVA" tells the story of Leandra Ramm, an up-and-coming opera singer, model and musical theater actress with a fascinating past, whose burgeoning career is cut short by her relentless Singaporean cyber-stalker—a man whom she has never even met.

Already a convicted arms dealer, her stalker turns cyber-terrorist, determined to destroy Ramm's reputation and relationships, by threatening to kill or maim her and those she loves if she fails to capitulate to his various ranting demands for love, attention and apologies.

Leandra's six-year international nightmare comes alive through actual excerpts from thousands of emails, chat logs and blogs posted by her predator, creating an extremely disturbing portrait of a serial stalker, who law enforcement is powerless (or simply uninterested) in stopping. Her Stalker was arrested in Singapore, but Leandra is still waiting on Justice. Singapore authorities have convicted and sentenced Mak for his crimes against Leandra.

The most frightening aspect of STALKING A DIVA™ is the very real possibility that, without warning, Ramm's story could happen to any one of us.

December 28
Black Diamond Books
Black Diamond Books
Grades 11-17

Customer Reviews

AJ Fardella ,

Stalking A Diva and the war on women

D Rocca does a great job creating a non-fiction account of this horrifying story using the voice of the victim Leandra Ramm.
The crazed stalker wages a relentless 6 year web war against Leandra, someone he's never met.
Leandra turns to every law enforcement agency to help her, to no avail. Her abuser is outside our borders and outside of US jurisdiction.
The book uses actual emails from the ordeal adding shocking detail to the severity of his violence.
A great read, and very timely.