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STAN STUMBLE is the second book in the one of a kind travel humour series presenting history, culture, tradition and taboos through globe-girdling tales of Narendra’s travels to 100 countries that run the gamut from eccentric expats to baffling repasts, wrong roads taken to cultures mistaken, curvaceous dollies to embarrassing follies, unadulterated hilarity to unanticipated insincerity, and road less traveled to no roads at all.

Competing in a race to reach 100 countries and a quest to find the perfect wine brought the one who must always be obeyed and I to Central Asia. This is the land of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Tamerlane where Al-Khorezm developed Algebra and Al Biruni deduced that the earth circled the sun, some 500 years before Copernicus. Ever wondered how the whole Aral Sea was drained in just two weeks and millions became illiterate overnight?

Yes, this I the magic land of Central Asia, still one of the least known regions of the world, where Alexander the Great remained in bed so long that today most people in Tajikistan have blond hair and blue eyes. Many of Central Asia’s stories have remained a secret. That is up until now. I’m going to reveal it all. It’s going to be a little scary at times but most of it will be an adventure. Pack your sense of humour with your aspirin and come with me to eat meals that you can’t even pronounce, taste drinks that are pure alcohol, and listen to the stories of ancient culture that even your grandpappy doesn’t know. These stories are not necessarily you want to share with your children but you would have hilarious tales to tell to your friends.
Happy you could join me. Lets do it.

Travel & Adventure
June 20
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