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The second original novel in the electrifying The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover event!

Cardassia Prime is home to a prideful people who, for centuries, forged alliances with those they believed would strengthen them and their place in the Alpha Quadrant, and expanded their empire at great cost to other worlds. For generations, dissenting voices were silenced by either fear or an early grave. When their wartime ally, the Dominion, suddenly turned on them, seeking to transform Cardassia into a tomb for every last member of their race, their old adversary—the United Federation of Planets— put an end to the carnage, and even now works to help rebuild Cardassia Prime.

To celebrate this alliance, the Castellan of the Cardassian Union is to welcome the Federation president to Cardassia Prime. As a symbol of this deepening friendship, the U.S.S. Enterprise-E is tasked to carry the Cardassian ambassador to the Federation back home. For his part, Ambassador Elim Garak is working with Captain Jean-Luc Picard to oversee the diplomatic reception that will commemorate the last of Starfleet’s personnel finally leaving the homeworld. However, there are malevolent forces at work, who even now strive to “restore Cardassia to its proper place and glory,” and are willing to do anything to achieve their goal....

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 24
Pocket Books/Star Trek

Customer Reviews

Nicholas Watkins ,

Well written, though a bit predictable

The story line was fascinating and as usual a Trek novel I couldn't put down. The first novel offered some predictability, whereas this novel almost blurted it out just a few chapters in. Besides the somewhat stretched timeline, the second novel in the series is well written.

aplnub ,

Hard to keep my attention

Maybe it is the politics but it was hard to keep this book in front of me. It wasn’t until a major character had a major development (or thought the character did) that I was finally interested in the book.

I consider this boderline.

loomerdance ,

Sorely Disappointing

I've been reading Trek books for many years, and enjoy how Star Trek often serves as a format for metaphysical discussion. Unfortunately, this book read more like a moralistic sermon. This may be because the plot is designed as a foil to a fictitious Cardassian novel referenced in the DS9 series. Whatever the cause, it makes for lopsided pacing, one-dimensional villains and predictable plot 'twists' that themselves seem self-serving. The novel's treatment of some continuing civilizations and characters has, at best, little textual basis in the episodes or earlier books. As a result, the actions and plot developments in this work are contradictory to them or simply make no sense. This is one of the worst Trek books I've read in a while. Don't waste your money and wait for the next book in The Fall series.

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