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Enough was enough!  

Life in the Galactic Empire was no good; Ashelle simply did not fit.  And so, the enterprising space princess has decided to run away from home. -To hide on a distant world far from the political intrigues of her family and the military might of the Empire.  On a beautiful *blue* planet.

Fitting in, however, isn't as easy as it looks, not even on a planet with dandelion flowers and shirts with pictures right on their very fronts.

And the arms of the Galactic Empire are long. . .

Acclaimed Canadian cartoonist, Mark Oakley tells an inspiring tale of traveling away from home.

"Anne of Green Gables from Space!"

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September 5
Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley

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blah blah unicorn sheep ,

This is a good read

I love this e-book! Mark Oakley plz make another one. I read this book almost 15 times already! Signed, an eager fan.

klachowski ,

Stardrop is Wonderful

The galaxy is in turmoil… a state of civil war... a “star war” if you will, and the space princess Ashelle is on the run from galactic authorities. Sound familiar? Good now take everything you know about that those “star wars” the space ship battles, super lasers, the incredible action etc… and put it WAAAAAy far away, up in the sky because in the charming comic Stardrop nearly all the blockbuster action takes place “off screen”. “Wait a minute”, you say, “what does a space opera without the action leave me with?” Oh not much, just the entertaining, humorous, and thought provoking story of a young woman trying to fit in in alien surroundings. The author/artist Mark Oakley uses Ashelle’s situation and his cleverly written dialogue to hilariously expose oddities of modern western culture and other aspects of human society. Oakley draws an energetic line that seems to me an interestingly effective cross of Bill Watterson and Hayao Miyazaki. In short Stardrop is a wonderful comic that can be enjoyed on a number of levels and I highly recommend it.

anime-life ,

Star drop

I really like this comic. I thought it was so cool and I would love to read it again

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