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Educated about humankind by the 1980s movies that came to them in an interstellar time capsule, these gorgeous gentlemen are eager to meet Earth girls...

Grab all three sizzling SciFi Romance books for one low price!

Book One: Bond

Bond is on Earth to fill one human female with as much pleasure as she can bear, a mission he’s finding very agreeable. But he’s not here to fall in love. Tasked with using his powers of human seduction to glean what he can about Earth and its inhabitants, Bond knows that if the planet’s resources are worthy and its residents aren’t, his days of pleasing Posey will soon be at an end.

Book Two: Rocky

Coolheaded Georgia Taylor dreams of becoming a police officer. But her orderly world goes into a tailspin when she and her friends answer an ad looking for egg donors and she winds up the intended bride of an honest-to-goodness alien. Georgia is convinced she can leave the brave new world behind and get back to her life plan, if she can just keep Rocky at arm’s length. If only he weren’t so infernally good-looking and thoughtful… 

Book Three: Magnum

Magnum has a secret. It’s darker than his lust for Rima, and deeper than his respect for the planet that has become his new home. But his needs are getting harder to restrain. How far will he go to protect the woman he loves? 

About the Stargazer Alien Brides series (Intergalactic Dating Agency):

Collection 1 focuses on three couples in a small Pennsylvania town, featuring Bond, Rocky and Magnum.

Collection 2 follows the story to a resort in the Catskills where three new couples meet and features Kitt, Remington and Indiana.

Collection 3 continues the adventure with three new couples in a small-town police academy, featuring Lobo, Conan and Hawkeye.

Collection 4 features Kirk, Buck and Solo, as they try to connect with their chosen mates at a comic convention. 

Collection 5 comes back to Stargazer, and a small farm where love is in bloom for Drago, Burton and Riggs.

August 21
13th Story Press
13th Story Press

Customer Reviews

Washington16 ,

We need more!!!

I just loved this book series, from start to finish. But Rima and Magnum, they’re my favorite. I feel connected to the characters, ( probably because they mirror my husband and I). I would love to read more on not just their story line but all six characters.

Tom girl 3 ,

Collection 1- Good

~3 1/2 stars. Great editing🤓, PG rating sexual content😚, G rating language. These were the first 3 books in the series & I recommend getting collection 1 if u r thinking of trying one of these books out. They r short & simplistic & kind of juvenile but I as I continued to read thru the first 3 stories I appreciated her unique Aerie alien concept & the guys are funny. I wasn’t sure if I would read any more of the series but now that I’ve finished the 3rd, “Magnum”, I’ve enjoyed enough to buy the 2nd collection & continue the series.

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