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The Starship Victory has a long history as the Galactic Union's most famous ship. Two centuries ago Captain John Fry cemented that legacy by discovering many weird alien races, insane space diseases and the strangest mystery in history: an exact duplicate of the planet Earth.

In the centuries since then many more Earths have been discovered out among the stars...

Meet the newest crew of the Starship Victory: Engineering Chief Golem is a neurotic, alcoholic android. The Executive Officer Elorg is a flamboyant musical cyborg. The head navigator, Ensign Brahma just wants to fit in with all the humans on the crew, even though he is an energy being from an extinct race of space gods. And Security Chief Kylie Hayes will do whatever she must to protect the Victory and it's crew from the vast array off dangers that it will inevitably face.

After a routine mission leads the Victory to a graveyard world it's crew is set on a path to explore that strangest mystery of all—the origin of the multiple Earths. But along the way they will face many challenges—deranged space gods, gender twisting diseases, suicidal civilizations, space zombies, robot pirates, and other threats too bizarre to describe.

Can Golem, Elorg, Brahma and Chief Hayes put aside their personal issues and discover the truth? Or is the galaxy doomed to never know it's true origins?

This volume collects the eight short stories that comprise the first season of the Starship Victory saga... “The Last Boy on Earth”, “The Fairer Sex”, “Welcome to Fabulous Earth-Vegas”, “The Ship From Outside Time”, “The Maniac Planet”, “The Chasm in Space”, and finally “The Mystery of Earth-Zero”.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 26
Studio Tacolicious
Draft2Digital, LLC

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