Start with No Start with No

Start with No

The Negotiating Tools that the Pros Don't Want You to Know

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Publisher Description

Start with No offers a contrarian, counterintuitive system for negotiating any kind of deal in any kind of situation—the purchase of a new house, a multimillion-dollar business deal, or where to take the kids for dinner.

Think a win-win solution is the best way to make the deal? Think again.

For years now, win-win has been the paradigm for business negotiation. But today, win-win is just the seductive mantra used by the toughest negotiators to get the other side to compromise unnecessarily, early, and often. Win-win negotiations play to your emotions and take advantage of your instinct and desire to make the deal.

Start with No introduces a system of decision-based negotiation that teaches you how to understand and control these emotions. It teaches you how to ignore the siren call of the final result, which you can’t really control, and how to focus instead on the activities and behavior that you can and must control in order to successfully negotiate with the pros.

The best negotiators:
* aren’t interested in “yes”—they prefer “no”
* never, ever rush to close, but always let the other side feel comfortable and secure
* are never needy; they take advantage of the other party’s neediness
* create a “blank slate” to ensure they ask questions and listen to the answers, to make sure they have no assumptions and expectations
* always have a mission and purpose that guides their decisions
* don’t send so much as an e-mail without an agenda for what they want to accomplish
* know the four “budgets” for themselves and for the other side: time, energy, money, and emotion
* never waste time with people who don’t really make the decision

Start with No is full of dozens of business as well as personal stories illustrating each point of the system. It will change your life as a negotiator. If you put to good use the principles and practices revealed here, you will become an immeasurably better negotiator.

Business & Personal Finance
July 9
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

RealFernandoNucamendi ,

Must read for sales people

This book was worth so much to me !!

KevinStolz ,

Start with No

Loved this book. The system is presented in a very clear way. At the end there is an indispensable list of “rules” to follow that serve as an excellent summary. There is a lot of bashing of the “win-win” approach, but not so much that it becomes tedious. The writing style is easy and direct, and really gets you thinking. Highly recommended!

tjdchi ,

Very effective

I've worked extensively with Jim Camp's negotiating program and it's always yielded positive results. Like most things, it takes practice and discipline to execute, but before you know it, it's secondhand nature. I highly recommend.

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