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Has a single defining moment ever led to a chain of events that dramatically changed your life forever?

Larry lived an uneventful life as a commodity trader in New York City until a sudden tragic incident during a routine dinner with a friend connected him to Sofia, the beautiful and intriguing woman of his dreams.

Their ensuing relationship unravels a sequence of life-changing events. Sofia is mysteriously abducted by a global terrorist organization about to launch an attack of unprecedented dimensions. Though ill prepared for such a journey, Larry's love for Sofia and his fear of losing her force him to embark on a dangerous quest filled with thrilling non-stop action as he travels to the ends of the earth to try to find Sofia, get her back and thwart the terrorist organization's diabolical plans.

Startling Connections is more than just a page-turning thriller filled with twists and turns. It reminds us that terrorism is a tragic plague that must be confronted and defeated not only by force, but also through victories over the minds of its perpetrators.

"Suspenseful, sophisticated and relevant, Startling Connections, with its hairpin plot turns and empathetic characters, is well worth the read."  Patrice Adcroft, former Editorial Director, Discover Magazine 

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 1
Peter M. Leschner
Peter M. Leschner

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HMonte1 ,

Startling Connectioms

Aptly titled to reflect the unexpected events that shape our lives, placing us in relationships and situations we can only attribute to serendipity. And here we are introduced to familiar yet surprising events that weave through romance, loyalty and blind commitment in a world where terror is faced, head on with a hint at a third alternative, a new paradigm to consider so that we may put this chapter of our world into the history books and out of the news. I applaud Mr. Leschner for taking on this most difficult topic and presenting it in a story that engages us and stimulates us to think differently.

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