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Twenty-six year-old Daphne Cohen’s life is closed off, hiding behind an introverted personality to keep from expressing her true self and exploring the depths of what she truly desires. With very few friends and having only been in one sort of intimate relationship, she believes guy number three is the one…until she finds out he’s been sleeping around. Fleeing to Martinique to do some soul searching, she meets her future: Wolfe LaCasse, a devastatingly handsome and sensuous Creole. He takes her on a passionate journey where the fire burns too hot for Daphne, and she flees the island. The problem is, she can’t forget the state of ecstasy she experienced in Wolfe’s arms. Can she risk everything and, for the first time in her life, follow her heart and return to the island?
Spinning a fresh twist on the romance genre, Ju Ephraime’s Daphne is in the driver’s seat and in full control to make the decisions that will change her forever. Daphne’s developed sexuality and power, bridges a gap between the classic and the contemporary with subtle nuances, sparkling insights, and a provocative, sensuous narrative style.
Reminiscent of the works of Lisa Kleypas and Stephanie Laurens, Ms. Ephraime’s rich emotional landscape delivers an achingly accessible complexity that makes State of Ecstasy steamy, provocative, and fresh, and its author a forceful new voice who brings an entirely new level of heat to the genre.

May 25
Envision Business & Computer School Publishing
Julia E. Antoine

Customer Reviews

Klasedelase ,

State of Ecstasy

Talk about panty melting hot. If this book don't set your panties on fire, I don't know what will. A sweet and hot romance story about two people from opposite sides of the world. Who come together in an explosive affair but will it be enough for both.
Daphne is a business woman who likes to keep busy all the time. When here love life falls apart, she needs some rest and relaxation time to herself in the form of a little French island. Away from all things that remind her of her ex. What she didn't expect was seeing a nicely built naked man swimming on an island....who is he and why is she now suddenly interested in men again???

Green boy aggressively ,

State of Esctasy

State of Esctasy
by Ju Ephraime
Reviewed by Jaime Kurp

This is a story about Daphne finding true love. She thinks that she is going to go to Martinique to get over her ex, but she soon finds Wolfe, a very hot native who love to go swimming naked. She spies on him for a couple of days before he comes up to her. And when they meet it is explosive. You must read this to find out all the ups and downs that they have in order to make it to their happy-ever-after. The author did a wonderful job dragging you into their story.

Fluppydog77 ,

Great read

I'm not a big fan of erotica novels, they just don't seem to me to have a story line most of the time. This book, however, has a great story line and kept me wanting to read more. I really liked this book and how in depth the characters and story were.

Daphne has experienced a rough break up and decides to take a much needed vacation to the island Martinique. While there she sees a man swimming in the water and completely forgets her misery from her ex. Being leery after being hurt one too many times, she doesn't want to spring into a relationship even though her heart is telling her differently.

I will admit, when I first started this book I thought Daphne was kind of whiny and pathetic and it was going to be a very long book. That quickly changed though when the character building began. This book is a romantic story that was very realistic. Daphne is a very strong willed woman with a determination in her career that you can admire. The characters were relatable and extremely well described. The book has a few twists and turns that keep your attention and keep you guessing. I really enjoyed it.

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