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In the meantime, Police Lieutenant Howell and Police Sergeant Ng, who were in a patrol car near the area where defendants' car was stopped, upon hearing Officer Keone's second radio call for assistance, drove over to assist Officer Keone and parked their patrol car behind Officer Keone's motorcycle. Officer Keone told Lt. Howell that the defendants were stopped for speeding. Lt. Howell approached defendants' car and with the aid of his flashlight, looked to see who were in the defendants' car. Defendant Earl Kim, Sr., who had gotten out of the car and was standing at the right front fender of the car, called out to Lt. Howell. Lt. Howell recognized defendant Kim and some of the other defendants, having had previous contact with them. Lt. Howell knew from his past experience that, on occasion, defendants carried weapons. Lt. Howell asked defendant Kim to show him the registration papers for the car. Defendant Kim crossed the front of the car, entered from the left front door and reached into the glove compartment. Standing to the left and about a foot away from the car, Lt. Howell scanned the front floor of the car with his flashlight and saw a cardboard box. He then scanned the rear floor of the car and saw the butt of an automatic pistol which was partially covered with newspaper. He immediately ordered the defendants in the car to get out and placed all of the defendants under arrest. Lt. Howell entered the car and found a Mauser pistol on the rear floor, a Smith & Wesson revolver under the right front seat, an M-1 carbine rifle with a sawed-off barrel in the cardboard box on the front floor and a Colt Cobra revolver in the front pocket of a trench coat on the rear seat. He searched the defendants and found an Astra pistol on defendant Ah Nee.

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