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Lindsey Taylor
I was content with my life. Spending my days in the emergency department at the hospital, I've seen my fair share of life changing moments. I just didn't realize that my very own life moment was waiting for me at a bar one night. 
My sister laid down the dare. 
I accepted. 
Finding myself in front of the handsome bartender, I don't expect anything to come from this night. And nothing does. Until I find myself looking over my shoulder, dark shadows following me everywhere I turn. And the one person that I never expected? 
Now he means everything.

Brody Walker 
Owning a bar in a small town, I've seen my fair share of drunken brawls and bathroom hookups. The night she walked up to me and threw my world on it's side though? That was one for the books. We spend all our time denying our feelings, but I'm done pretending. 
I crave her. 
I need her. 
But I'm not alone. Someone else wants her. And it seems that they'll do nothing to stop until they have her. I'll do anything to keep her safe, even give my life for her. 
Only I'm scared that may not be enough.

June 22
Heather Lyn
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

rq19982020 ,

Absolutely amazing!

This book was abolsutely amazing. I’m a pretty busy person but I was so in tune with this book that I read it in three days. It’s not hard to fall in love with the characters and the plot. It has an even balance of thrill, romance, and everything in between. I would definitely recommend it!

ShellyReyn ,

All The Feels!! What an Amazing Story!

"Are you finally mine?"
"Yeah, Brody. I'm all yours. For as long as you'll have me."
"That's gonna be a long time, baby."

I. Could. Not. Put. This. Down!! I literally read it in one sitting - it's just that good!! I was so caught up in this story, that everyone else went to bed, and when I finished it was nearly 1 AM! This was such a great story, with great characters, witty dialogue, humor, steam, suspense, heartbreak and love!!

Lindsay Taylor loves her job. She lives for it. She's not looking for a relationship, but a little fun could be on the agenda. She had no idea that what started out as a dare to get digits from the sexy bartender at Walker's Taphouse, would end up turning her world, and her heart, upside down. But, a dark cloud is hovering over her happiness. What started out as heavy-breathing phone calls is escalating to a frightening level. If this person isn't caught, and soon, she could lose everything - including her life.

Brody Walker, owner of Walker's Taphouse, has had his share of barflies hitting on him. But, this one's different. She's feisty, funny, and sexy as hell. Her opening line was cheesy to the max, but he fell for it and can't stop thinking about her. She might be fighting her feelings for him, but he'll fight for her harder. She's his, and he'll do what he has to in order to keep her. But, someone else is fixated on her too - strange phone calls, notes - it's getting worse. He'll protect her as best he can, but this has to stop. He'd sacrifice anything for her - even his own life. He just found her. No way is he losing her now.

What a great start to this series! This is a spin-off from the Hearts on Fire series, so you get more of those characters as well - BONUS!! Oh, what this author puts this couple through - I swear my chest hurt when I read it. I love the fact that the main characters are "normal" people. No billionaires, no ex-military six-foot-four Navy SEALs with an attitude, no mafia bosses, just a bar owner of average height and a nurse. I think that adds a bit more reality to the story - more of a "yeah, that could actually happen" factor! I can't wait for more!

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