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A beautifully stirring reflection on the joys and challenges of fatherhood. Tenderly poignant, wise and affecting. -- Kirkus

In an epic road trip with his Little League son, a divorced dad's eight-ballpark journey tries to rescue his fatherhood-—and learn how his dad's suicide might not doom him to repeat a father's mistakes.

The rarest outcome in sports is baseball's perfect game. One team does everything right, forcing the other to accomplish nothing. In 150 years of baseball, there have only been 23. Perfect is nearly impossible. As a divorced dad, Ron was trying to redeem his fatherhood with a road trip with his Little League son Nicky. Their odyssey of crossing eight states in a rented convertible was supposed to salvage Ron's life as an unsure father. Custody fatherhood demoted him to the second team -- he was certain of that. One sign of salvation came unbidden in an unscheduled tenth ballgame.

The adventures and revelations of the road lead to a deeper reckoning of how Ron's father had failed enough at his fatherhood to take his own life. Thousands of miles and dozens of innings delivered a discovery: a drive toward perfect fatherhood has a destination that cannot be found on any map.

Stealing Home is the tale of an eleven-day, nine-game trip with a Little Leaguer -- and how a father's plans for perfection delivered things deeper than scores, miles, and smiles. You don't have to drive 3,147 miles to find your way to fatherhood. When Ron did, something magical and rare appeared at the end, inside his heart as well as on a diamond.

Part baseball, part fatherhood, and all boyhood, Stealing Home plays out the mystery of love and family. Fueled by his determination to become a better dad, Seybold's journey becomes a quest to reconcile the past and his future. The magic lies in the storytelling that travels the road to something perfect." Donna Johnson, author of Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir

"Authentic, emotional, and brave, Stealing Home is a timeless journey of the universal struggle to rise above the past. It's a beautiful testament to the power of a father's love." - Claire Ashby, NY Times best-selling author of When You Make It Home

"Rich with sports metaphor, Stealing Home offers a touching and complex look at how, experience by experience, individuals repair generations of fury-fueled despair." -- Indie Reader

August 14
Skin Horse Press
Ron Seybold