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He makes my heart do the tango and my head want to explode. In other words, it’s just another day working for Prince Malcolm.


Give me a problem and I’ll fix it. That’s what I do. The trick is remaining calm and preparing oneself for any eventuality. But even I failed to anticipate my former boss, Malcolm, crossing an ocean to bribe me for my help. He insists I’m the only one who can fix his problem, but I had an excellent reason for leaving that job in the first place and putting an ocean between us. It’s hard to keep the big picture in mind when you’re secretly in love with your boss. And even harder when he’s about to be crowned a king.


Being a prince certainly has its perks: money, cars, women, and a license to do just about anything I please. But since my assistant, Alice, resigned out of the blue, I’ve been unable to find my footing and have admittedly been a bit cranky. When a problem arises calling for the utmost discretion, it’s clear Alice is the only woman for the job. But she’s less than thrilled at being coerced into returning, and she’s doing her best to make me pay for it. With the clock ticking down to my coronation, I’m putting all my trust in her to see me through. But the stakes are getting higher because Alice is beginning to look more like my future than even the throne I was born to take.

Stealing Kisses With a King is the third rom-com in the Kings of Carolina Series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone but is swoonier (yeah, I made that word up) when read in order.

October 14
Sylvie Stewart
Sylvie Stewart Inc.

Customer Reviews

mommamimime ,

My new favorite

I have read most of this author’s books and I think this has become my new favorite. It has just the right amount of everything: laughs, romance, intrigue, etc.

Evieo17 ,


This was a cute and really entertaining read. I loved the chemistry between Alice and Malcolm. They were just made for each other.

LisanneH ,



Just missed the mark.

Honestly? It’s a touch tone deaf. He’s an entitled prince, who is a shallow mamho whose assistant left. His problems are not problems. Malcom just wore thin immediately. His twin brother would be a far better king.

Alice is his former assistant who gets sucked back in. She’s great but deserves better.

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