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Hot MILF Mrs. Taylor is convinced that her daughter's new boyfriend, Tim, is only interested in one thing: sex. As if it weren't worrying enough that he's a total stud, he's also charming, rebellious, and quarterback of the football team. Mrs. Taylor knows from first-hand experience just how easily a young girl can fall for a hot bad-boy that knows all the right things to say.

One day, Mrs. Taylor gets a moment alone with Tim to grill him over his intentions. When Tim can't take his eyes off her, she knows she was right all along. But when Mrs. Taylor starts to enjoy the teen's attention, she realizes that she doesn't want Tim to be with her daughter ... because she wants him for herself!


This 5,200 word story explicitly depicts a hot mom's good intentions gone bad! A cheating wife and a cheating boyfriend hook-up for hot oral sex, titty-f*****g, and some seriously steamy sex! Intended for adults only!


“But Tim,” I started, “she told me that you said you love her. After a month? Is that true?”
He paused, a look of concern plastered on his cute face. “I … well. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I said that I love her.”
I watched Tim with amused interest as he seemed unsure how to continue. I had him caught. And sitting across from him, I knew I had the perfect opportunity, too. I accidentally dropped my fork. It landed by my feet. I kicked it, and it noisily clanged as it slid across the floor, close to him.
“Oops,” I said breathily. “Can you get that for me, Tim?”
Tim raised a single eyebrow and the corner of his mouth curled up in a half-smile. He looked like he knew what he was about to see. Tim kept his eyes locked with mine as he slowly lowered himself underneath the table.
I spread my legs, giving him a look up my skirt and at my sexy panties. I lowered my hand to my crotch, and with a single finger, ran it up and down the length of my slit. My daughter's boyfriend is under this table, watching me play with myself, I thought, and exhaled softly. I quietly moaned as my pussy tingled in response, aching for more attention. And I want him for myself.
Tim was still underneath the table, no doubt enjoying the show. I suddenly slammed my legs shut and crossed them as if nothing had ever happened.
“Do you love my daughter, Tim?”

Fiction & Literature
July 18
JJ Simone
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