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Publisher Description

Stealing Peace is a collection of thought provoking, riveting and honest gathering of words in poetic form which reads like a candid intimate discussion familiar to us all. Poetry and non-poetry lovers will find themselves enjoying the poetic work of Jewel Allison, model/actress turned poet. The latter may be aptly put, however Ms. Allison says, to be more correct, Poet turned model turned poet. Like a sweater you can turn inside out and wear on either side, thats how I wear my new found title.
The book begins with a subject matter that many of us fi nd too uncomfortable to talk about racism. In the poem Lets Talk About Racism, the reader will hear the words as if Ms. Allison was speaking directly to you with warmth and passion. This poem reaches the hearts of people of all nationalities and leaves you feeling more at ease to discuss racism openly. There are three poems dedicated to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Ms. Allison holds no punches in the provocative poem Change (A Poem for Barack Obama), as she strongly suggests the need for young African American men to change any destructive behavior they may engage in while living in urban America. Stolen, a heart wrenching piece dedicated to Michelle Obama and Sarah Baartman, openly discusses the history of the Black woman as it relates to the legacy of slavery. We Are Inaugurated rejoices the victory of mankind by electing Americas first African American president.
Stealing Peace expresses the pain and frustration of living in a world plagued by racism and suggests that the existence of racism impedes upon achieving world peace. Throughout the book Ms. Allison sprinkles very warm and passionate love poems which can be found in Cover Me You and Our First Poem. The poetry in Stealing Peace is warm and gentle yet strong and powerful. Jewel Allison is a new voice that is sure to find its place in the hallows of your mind.

Fiction & Literature
March 22