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A collection of J.M. Christopher's erotic stories collected together in this edition.

The stories are as follows:

Kyrsten's Corruption:
Kyrsten is a young college student, who is much in love with her fiance, Mark. One day, she skips class and decides to pay him a visit and is horrified by what she finds - Mark sleeping with another girl.

Kyrsten is distraught and feels sorry for herself, until her roommate, Erika, a hot sexy little nymph, decides to help her forget Mark. She does so, by introducing Kyrsten to brand new sexual experiences, including threesomes, anal and sex in public. But how far can Erika take it before Kyrsten is completely corrupted?

Hot Holiday Encounter:
Stacy, a faithful wife, goes on her first holiday alone with some girlfriends in 15 years, she meets a sexy stranger at the resort and cannot keep herself away from him. She is wrought with guilt at her lustful thoughts, but the more she sees this man, the less her guilt seems to bother her. After a few days, and some prodding from her friends, she finally gives in to her desires. She is completely happy, until it comes time to go home and face her husband. But when she tells him, his reaction isn’t what she expects.

Taken by a Con-Man:
Anna, a young girl, comes home from college for the summer to find her mother, Marianna, has a new boyfriend. Almost as soon as she sees him she cannot help but be taken in by his apparent masculinity. When the man starts innocently flirting with the daughter, just to make her feel welcome, the girl becomes infatuated with him. Soon the mother and daughter are competing for this man’s affection. Little do they know, the man is nothing but a con-artist, and will do anything to get their love and more importantly, their money. Even after Anna discovers this, she is convinced she can keep this con-man in line. How can both women turn this situation around and have a happy ending?

Scarlet Beauty:
Bethany is a beautiful woman who runs a ranch while her husband fights in World War II. Her crew respects her, and will do whatever she says. But when her 19 year old sister, a sexy little redhead named Kami, shows up for the summer to help out around the ranch, the men get restless. Follow Kami's exploits as Shawn, the foreman, teaches her what she wants to learn and Beth tries to keep her from getting belly.

Her Roomate's Performance:
While staying over at his girlfriend, Beth's, apartment one night, Sam accidentally catches her roommate, Shawna, “performing” in front of her webcam. Without meaning to, the young man develops a crush on the roommate. Before he can reveal anything to her, he needs to discover who she was performing for, but when he goes on her computer, he finds much much more than he ever expected. He loves his girlfriend, but how can he turn down an opportunity with her roommate?

Fiction & Literature
August 1
J.M. Christopher
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